Wulian Leads Smart Home Technology in CES 2016

Jan 08, 2016, 10:26 ET from Wulian

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 8, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- CES® 2016 opened its doors on January 6, in Las Vegas with 2.4 million net square feet of exhibition space and more than 3,600 exhibiting companies from around the world. Wulian, a professional supplier of IoT devices and solutions, is displaying at the show a series of innovative new products, which have adopted the ZigBee technology and advanced industrial design concepts.

Seven exhibiting areas were set up by Wulian to provide the show visitors with first-hand Smart Home experience with Wulian products, including but not limited to Smart Lighting, Access Security Control, Electrical Appliances Control, Wireless Monitoring System and Environmental Monitor.

Committed to providing Smart Home devices and solutions, Wulian has been continually investing in research and development of its products of Smart Home appliances control, home security, monitoring system and environmental detection. At the show, Wulian unveils its latest products, which are not to be missed by anyone looking for security, convenience and ease of life:

"Dream Flower" Smart Vase

With its stylish, elegant design and multi-functional features, the "Dream Flower" Smart Vase is the star among Wulian products and captured wide attention among the visitors. Working as a comprehensive environment detector, it provides a stable signal when connected to dual-band WiFi and displays the levels of PM 2.5, CO2, VOC gases and noise by intelligent interaction. Moreover, it supports voice broadcasting and also boasts 16 million colors lighting.


The multi-function HD Cylincam enables IR night vision and two-way communication. With a cutting-edge design, it looks smart and can rotate unlimitedly to 720 degrees when taking monitoring videos for your family.

Mini Gateway

Another Wulian star is the Mini Gateway, which is the smallest gateway in the Smart Home industry. This delicate tiny device can also function as a night lamp and signal repeater. With a built-in infrared sensor, the gateway can sense body movements and automatically turn on the night lamp function for the user's convenience. If connected to the doorbell, it can also make voice broadcasting when someone is at your door.

Smart Door Lock

Home security is always the prime concern for most families, Wulian Smart Door Lock aims to protect the overall security of the user's household. The built-in infrared intrusion detector keeps an eye for you on your neighborhood and takes pictures when someone approaches your door. When Stress mode is on, family members who feel threatened can enter a panic PIN code and the situation will be immediately reported to the police. Moreover, the Smart Lock is designed to accommodate various door opening methods such as fingerprint, password, NFC and remote keys.

Smart Home App

The application of Smart Home App can manage and control Smart Home appliances flexibly and synchronically. The latest edition of the app features the Widget function, which does not only realizes basic functions like remote control, time setting, interactive communication, scenes control, but also NFC, GPS, "Shake It", and "Housekeeper". The app can also be paired to Apple Watch and operates in multiple languages.  

As a recent survey conducted by the Coldwell Banker shows, smart home technology is no longer just for the tech savvy or the young and affluent and should enter the mainstream in 2016. Wulian, bearing the mission of creating a low-power consumption smart world for families, makes unremitting endeavors in the research and development of IoT sensors, controllers, mobile IoT, cloud computing and big data to bring professional devices and solutions to smart homes.

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