XBiotech Announces In-Licensing Of Technology From Strox Biopharmaceuticals

Apr 03, 2014, 14:08 ET from XBiotech

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AUSTIN, Texas, April 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- XBiotech announced today that it acquired the patent estate of Strox Biopharmaceuticals relating to antibody therapies for methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). XBiotech is developing next generation natural immune therapies to address serious and drug resistant bacterial infections. The in-licensed technology is reportedly intended to expand and strengthen XBiotech's position for its infectious disease product development program. Included in the deal are both issued and pending patents for antibody technologies useful for either prophylaxis or therapeutic intervention for resistant and potentially life threatening infections. Terms of the in-licensing agreement are reported to include an upfront cash payment, royalty on sales and XBiotech will assume costs and responsibilities for all patent prosecution and maintenance. 

The Company's True Human™ antibody therapy for staph infections is derived from an antibody cloned from a natural human immune response. A highly specific antibody was identified from an individual donor that is expected to neutralize a key immune evasion mechanism of the bacteria. Treatment with the antibody therapy will thereby enable the patient's immune system to naturally, safely, and effectively eradicate the S. aureus infection.

XBiotech's CEO, John Simard stated, "This is a case where the advantages of true human antibodies represent a quantum advance that goes well beyond safety. Collectively humans create antibodies to any and all pathogens. Identifying a precise antibody among the donor population that neutralizes a pathogen allows for the development of targeted anti-infective therapy with a potential for safety and efficacy unlike anything that has been marketed to date. We are very excited about what this therapy represents as an advancement of treatment for infectious disease. And the intellectual property we have now acquired helps to expand the possibilities for our development efforts in this very important area of medicine."


XBiotech is leading the commercialization of biological therapies, including the discovery and development of True Human™ antibodies. The Company's lead product candidate—now in two unique Phase III registration studies—represents a novel, breakthrough treatment for advanced colorectal cancer. XBiotech has also developed manufacturing technology to reduce infrastructure needs, lessen capital requirements and shorten lead times for development of biological drugs. New manufacturing technologies are at the heart of XBiotech's approach to next generation biological therapies, including the production of highly competitive biosimilar or biobetter products.

Ashley Otero