Xiant Filer Helps Get Things Done For the New Year

Jan 14, 2010, 20:00 ET from Vulcan Technologies, LLC

SEATTLE, Jan. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- With the New Year a few weeks old, many people may already have strayed from their 2010 resolutions. But there's help to keep folks on track for one of the most popular resolutions – getting organized.

Xiant Filer, from Microsoft founder Paul Allen's latest company, makes it easy to organize Microsoft Office Outlook inboxes, and keep them organized throughout the year, even after you've broken your diet, given up exercise and forgotten you ever promised to learn ancient Greek.

Filer is available for $19.95, and it is as easy to use as it is affordable. Filer can make anyone a more efficient e-mail user. Filer starts working the first time you start the Outlook messaging software after installation. Filer requires no training and there is no need to create complicated rules or change the way you work. The program learns your filing preferences, so its recommendations become more accurate the more you use it. It also allows you to simultaneously file batches of related messages without wasting time sorting then making multiple selections. Filer now has a customizable toolbar to let you have additional one-click filing options. And when you need to search your folders, Filer helps you find the right folder quickly – just begin typing the folder name until you see the folder you are looking for.

Xiant is a dba of Vulcan Technologies, LLC, of Seattle. Filer was conceived as a personal project for Allen who asked his engineers to find a way to help manage his overflowing inbox.

Xiant is dedicated to producing tools that make time at the computer as productive as possible. Additional products are already in development.

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