Xiaojiaolou Wine Goes from "Popular" To "Famous" at the WCIF

Oct 23, 2013, 00:29 ET from Sichuan Bureau of Expo Affairs

CHENGDU, China, Oct. 23, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- At the 14th Western China International Fair (WCIF) scheduled from October 23 to 27, Sichuan Hongyun Xiaojiaolou Wine Co., Ltd. will debut as the 14th WCIF Chief Strategic Partner, showcasing its brand-new strategy, brands, and concepts, and promoting its customer-oriented concepts in a high-profile way.

Yuanhong Xiaojiaolou is determined to develop a highly reputable liquor. With aims to create the first choice of liquor, Yuanhong Xiaojiaolou spares no efforts in building a model of "new aroma liquor of Sichuan style" and promotes a lineup of "Popular" liquor. The products include both the high-end "Imperial Liquor" series, the Gold and Silver Jiaolou series that have been granted the "Famous Trademark of Bazhong" and "Well-known Trademark of Sichuan Province," the flagship "Specially Brewed Liquor" series, and the original "Jinxin" series that has been optimized.

Yuanhong Xiaojiaolou aims at producing liquor products that benefit healthcare. The company has always observed the industrial rules and practiced responsible operation, and improved the product quality centering on ecology and healthcare. Since last August, it has rejected all plastics facilities and improved the liquor inspection standards. At the national distributor conference, Yuanhong Xiaojiaolou has undertaken steps to meet the compulsive standards as the first liquor producer. This move has become a good opportunity for the company to exhibit its high quality products.

Yuanhong Xiaojiaolou aims at producing liquor products that highlight national spirits. The history of the century-old brand is a story about the Chinese people's courage of rising to challenges and refusing to yield to difficulties. It is the lofty pursuit that urges Yuanhong Xiaojiaolou to make self-improvement and seek excellence.

Looking to the future, Yuanhong Xiaojiaolou will eventually regain the lost ground and create a brilliant future with the hard work of generations of Xiaojiaolou people.

SOURCE Sichuan Bureau of Expo Affairs