XLI's Printed LightSheets Light Output and Color Quality Specs Confirmed by Independent Testing

Jan 19, 2016, 09:29 ET from XLI Technologies, Inc.

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LAS VEGAS, Jan. 19, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- XLI Technologies, Inc. (OTC PINK: XLIT) (the "Company" or "XLI") is pleased to announce that it has received positive results from testing of its Printed LightSheets products by an independent third party company that is a leading entertainment and event production company and supplier of state-of-the-art lighting technologies.  The testing was conducted on January 13, 2016. 

The test was conducted utilizing a Sekonic Corporation 401-479 LiteMaster Pro L-478DR Photographic Light Meter (considered the best and most accurate light measuring devices on the market), on two separate Printed LightSheets; one 24" x 36" and one 11" x 17", both with the following specifications: 

Power Consumption: 0.0625 Watts / sq. ft.

Lumens: 800 / sq. ft.

Max Size on 110V: up to 800 sq. ft.

Light Coverage: 100%

Life Span: up to 100,000 hours

Heat Build-up / hour:

Thickness: 0.0255 mm (~0.001inches) 

Test results for 24" x 36" Printed LightSheet (±10%): 

- Foot-candles at 1" distance: 71.8 lm/ft2 (~772.86 lumens)

- Foot-candles at 2" distance: 17.2 lm/ft2

- Foot-candles at 14" distance: 10.8 lm/ft2

- Kelvin (color temperature): 4000K (Natural White) 

Test results for 11" x 17" Printed LightSheet (±10%): 

- Foot-candles at 1" distance: 71.8 lm/ft2 (~772.86 lumens)

- Foot-candles at 2" distance: 17.2 lm/ft2

- Foot-candles at 14" distance: 10.8 lm/ft2

- Kelvin (color temperature): 5800K (Day White) 

James Schramm, CEO of XLI Technologies, Inc., commented, "We are extremely pleased that independent testing has demonstrated that both tested sizes of our LightSheets produced approximately 800 lumens per sq. ft., just as advertised, and that the tested LightSheets had color temperatures of 4000K and 5800K, both of which are very desirable for many applications, including indoor/outdoor advertising, displays, and reading.

"These results are even more impressive when you take into account the incredibly low power consumption of LightSheets, the ability to cut and bend them into almost any shape imaginable up to 800 sq. ft., and their durability in almost any weather condition.  We feel that these unique features will make XLI LightSheets a success with product designers, manufacturers, and consumers in numerous applications across many different sectors."

About XLI Technologies, Inc. 

XLI Technologies, Inc., through its wholly owned subsidiary, Bosch International, LLC, provides unique, versatile, durable, and eco-friendly Nanotechnology printed lighting products (LightSheets) to select companies in the automotive industry and to the entertainment sector, including movie theaters, movie studios, production and distribution companies, talent and management agencies, marketing and PR firms, and outdoor media in the USA and Canada. The Company is also exploring several other potential applications of the technology. 

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