XPLive Releases DeadMailDrop, a Secure Mail Drop Service with Full Crypto

Privacy For Real! DeadMailDrop gives you the privacy in your communications without the worry about information creep

Nov 23, 2015, 08:16 ET from XPLive, Inc.

SAN DIEGO, Nov. 23, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- XPLive, a cloud based software company, is pleased to announce the release of its newest web property DeadMailDrop (deadmaildrop.com). Seeing an increasing demand for privacy and message security, Dead Mail Drop provides a double blind message drop service that fully protects all messages and identifying information at the server.

Users of DeadMailDrop can assume nobody is viewing their messages without their consent. The messages are encrypted using a one-time pad so no message ever uses the same key as another. Even if the key is recovered, only one message is ever compromised. Furthermore, all identifying information is fully encrypted or hashed using modern secure message digest algorithms. Neither malicious onlookers nor the XPLive staff have any clue what information is in the DB.

"We could publish the DB in the open and nobody would get anything out of it," says Jacob Anderson, CEO of XPLive, Inc. "In fact, we are actually giving that serious consideration."

If the crypto wasn't compelling enough, know that your messages have a defined life time. Messages can be automatically deleted after so many days, or so many views. Now you have total control over your information creep. There is no spam, no unwanted messaging, because you have to authorize people to send you messages. The point of the system is to secure communications between two entities who may not trust each other.

IT professionals can start sending messages to their colleagues or cohorts starting out at $5.99 with no recurring fees or monthly charges. It's a "pay for resources" model so you don't have to cancel or manage your subscription. Each time you buy something you enter your payment information. It's the best way to exchange VPN keys, passwords, or confidential network documents.

"The inspiration for the service came when I had to exchange VPN keys with a third party data provider," says Mr. Anderson, "we tried it over the phone, but you can only dictate a minor passphrase verbally, and my counter-party had an unusual accent. We really needed a secure way to share this information. Now we have it."

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In business since 2008, XPLive has serviced cloud applications ranging from project management to on-demand scientific computing. The company is made up of long-time software industry experts who have a track record of solid and trustworthy software engineering projects.

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