XpoLog Release V6: Build Smart Log Data Apps with Analytic Search

Gartner's Cool Vendor in IT Operation Analytics release new log management and analysis technology

May 27, 2015, 11:53 ET from XpoLog

NEW YORK, May 27, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- XpoLog Ltd, the company that invented Analytic Search for IT log data, is pleased to announce the availability of a new major milestone, XpoLog 6 enhanced Log Analysis Platform. The company was recently selected by Gartner for the "Cool Vendors in IT Operations Analytics, 2015" report.

"In recent years, as we focused on building more value for our customers and partners, we recognized a problem with manual data analysis solutions, especially with home grown technology and cloud deployments. By adding new technology that layers analytic insights in the context of data analysis, we help extract meaningful intelligence from log data on an entirely new level of efficiency and accuracy," says Haim Koschitzky, XpoLog CEO.

XpoLog is widely used on clouds, in data centers, and in IT worldwide. Recent investments in advanced tools for DevOps and APM solutions, has fueled the company growth. XpoLog 6 was created to meet the requirements of IT, business, custom applications, and services. XpoLog 6 is built to deal better with the growing needs of supporting ongoing real-time analytics that deliver insights into applications and IT problems, quality issues, security, and business trends.

XpoLog 6's development plan focused on creating a context of virtual application structures that would enable applications and operation groups to organize data in the context of business services. By virtualizing the data sources in logical application structures, XpoLog now enables groups to build advanced analytics and seamlessly move from pre-production to production, and back. In order to support the growing demand for data visualization, XpoLog added more than 20 new visual components and new ways to present data in a continuous fashion.

The XpoLog 6 primary enhancements are:

  • Virtual application structures and data sources
  • New Operations/DevOps/NOC/SOC rooms view with themes and animated slide-shows
  • New AngularJS Single Page app UI/UX
  • More than 20+ new visualization gadgets including 3D types
  • Optimized Analytic Search with more Analytic Layers

"We recognize that advanced analytics and more powerful visualization tools for log data are major requirements for log management solutions. We see organizations adding XpoLog Analytic Search on top of existing log management deployments, such as open source platforms, in order to extract more value from their IT," says Gal Berg, XpoLog VP of Engineering.

About XpoLog

XpoLog creates software that understands data and unlocks its hidden value, whether in your local storage, or on the cloud. XpoLog helps its customers troubleshoot, search, find, report, and visualize mission critical information on demand, on time. 

Their product is ideal for organizations dealing with vast amounts of Log Data on a regular basis, such as Service providers, High Tech companies, Security and governmental institutions, eCommerce, telecom, and financial institutions.

For more information about XpoLog Log Analysis Platform, please email sales@xpolog.com.

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