Xtari Games Launches Political Game President Nation

President Nation Touts a Political World with Immersive Gameplay and Powerful Social Interactions

Apr 29, 2013, 10:15 ET from Xtari Games LLC

FRESNO, Calif., April 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Xtari Games LLC, a social game company, today announced the launch of President Nation, its first social game that delivers a brand new political experience through immersive gameplay, in-depth political strategies, and powerful social interactions. President Nation allows players to unleash their political ambitions by partnering with their own local, state, and national political scene. President Nation is available today for free on http://www.xtarigames.com  and on Facebook at http://apps.facebook.com/PresidentNation/. "President Nation offers players a way to have fun with politics. All things are possible for gamers.  Players can work up the city, state, and national level through different career tracks.  If a player wants to become, for example, a Police Commissioner they can work their way up the Police Department by earning higher degrees and networking with other players.  If players want to focus on the political elected track, they can work to become a Councilman and get a majority of people in the city to vote for them to become Mayor. We can't wait to see who gets elected as the first President of President Nation. We believe this game could help revolutionize social gaming and politics and even spark people's own interest in how they can serve the public." said Dan Rushing, Founder and CEO at Xtari Games.

President Nation invites players to achieve their own political and governmental ambitions: 1) At the local city level, where they can become a Police or Fire Commissioner, Councilman, and even the Mayor, 2) At the state level, where they can become State Legislators, Lt. Governor, and the Governor, and 3) At the national level, by becoming US Legislators, Vice-President, and ultimately, President. 

President Nation features include:

  • Political Networking – Political Allies in President Nation are a powerful way to advance your career in the game. Each friend plays an important role in your career by 1) Networking with those who have power to appoint you to a higher position, 2) Helping your friends advance their own career, and 3) Finding allies that will endorse and campaign for you.
  • Political Power and Influence – In President Nation, players can achieve significant power and influence by becoming an elected official.  Mayors, Governors, and the President may introduce legislation to increase or decrease taxes on their citizens while elected legislators may vote on legislation important to their citizens.  By achieving positions of power, players can help their citizens achieve their ambitions and create a world of prosperity or economic turmoil.
  • Voting –President Nation includes a brand new game mechanic where players wield their own influence by voting for their choice of the candidates.  Players can pick and choose a candidate that they feel benefits their city, state and nation.  With such an important ability, players can help create the world of their dreams.
  • Government Career Tracks – Players can start their own governmental career in a city of their choice. Players, for example, can start off in the Police Department of a city by becoming a Police Cadet.  When a higher position becomes available players can move up ladder and make a higher salary.  Each city has departments for players to choose from so they can advance their career.  When a player is ready, she can run for an elected position and let others know by using campaign tools available in the game.

Current players of President Nation also have more to look forward to as Xtari Games will continue to roll out new positions, new opportunities, and new expansions.

President Nation is free to play on Facebook at: http://apps.facebook.com/PresidentNation/  and presidentnation.com and it will be launching soon on the Apple iOS and Google Android.
The President Nation logo and images can be found here: https://xtarigames.box.com/s/zrvgoqv9mlirqxykdpoo
The President Nation game trailer can be viewed here: http://youtu.be/pymj4gwF5yo
More information can also be found via the Xtari Games website at http://www.xtarigames.com

About Xtari Games
Xtari Games, LLC is social gaming company that seeks to revolutionize its industry with social gaming 2.0 though its games, which include its first game, President Nation. Xtari Games' games are available on a number of global platforms, including Facebook, PresidentNation.com, XtariGames.com, and will soon be available on Apple iOS, and Google Android. Xtari Games is a Nevada LLC with offices in Fresno, Calif.

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