Yabbly Announces Release of Its First Shopping Review App

Nov 29, 2012, 14:35 ET from Yabbly, Inc.

SEATTLE, Nov. 29, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Consumer shopping company Yabbly announced the release of its first shopping review app, just in time for the holiday season.

The free mobile app gives users instant access to thoughtful, real-time feedback and advice on shopping decisions and is attacking the growing problem of questionable, generic, or unhelpful product reviews on ecommerce sites.

"Yabbly is redefining how people shop," said co-founder and CEO Tom Leung. "What people want before they pull the trigger is an honest opinion and authentic discussion with somebody who has first-hand experience. Yabbly creates a space where members are motivated to help each other find the perfect product. We take buyer's remorse out of the equation and replace it with a trusted, personalized, timely conversation before you buy."  

Yabbly launched its beta in October and has already hit its 6,000th answer. Top trending shopping discussions – for instance, iPad vs. Mac Air; the iPhone vs GalaxyS3 and the WiiU vs. Xbox – reflect the value placed in dialogue with other people before buying, Leung said.  

Yabbly designed its app so that those who've made similar decisions will be most inclined to see – and answer – your questions.  Its two-way karma system encourages reciprocity between specific users so they can either pay it forward or return the favor in the future.

"We wanted to convey that coffee-shop-type feeling where you run into someone, start talking, and bam – those five minutes just influenced which product you're gonna buy," Leung said.

Members can download the Yabbly product review app from the iPhone app store. New users can apply for a membership invite at yabbly.com. 

About Yabbly, Inc.
Yabbly is a shopping Q&A community where members provide vital, real-time reviews on choosing products that best fit their needs. Yabbly motivates people to help each other pick the best product for them with its 1:1 karma system and is revolutionizing how we connect through shared product experiences. For more information, please visit yabbly.com . Yabbly is headquartered in Seattle, WA.

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