Yearbook of World Electronics Data - Volume 4 2013/2014

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Yearbook of World Electronics Data - Volume 4 2013/2014

The structure of the global electronics industry continues to change and evolve with the Asia Pacific now the largest region in terms of both production and markets in 2012. The Asia Pacific will continue to increase its share of both production and markets with growth driven by increasing consumer demand across the region. The US will continue to hold its position as the world's largest market in the first part of the forecast period but will be surpassed by China in 2015/2016.

The anticipated recovery in the global electronics industry in the second half of 2012 failed to materialise resulting in lower growth across the majority of countries tracked within the Yearbook series. However, based on an improving economic climate, growth within the global electronics industry should gain some momentum in 2013 and then accelerate in the period to 2016, with stronger growth in the emerging markets.

The electronics industry in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) is going through a major transition. Production in the core communications, computing and consumer (video and audio) segments declined by 12.1% in 2012 and is forecast to fall by a further 3.9% in 2013. As a result, the share the region holds of overall electronics output in Europe has stagnated falling from 24% in 2010 to 23% in 2012.

The focus on 3C has been a key factor in the growth of electronics industry across CEE. However, with volume manufacturing in the hands of a relatively few companies the region will be vulnerable to their individual production strategies. It is envisaged that there will be further scaling back of volume manufacturing in the region as an increasing proportion of PCs, tablets and smartphones are produced in Asia and the demand for LCD TVs in Western Europe remains subdued.

The decline in 3C production will be partially offset by an increase in output of industrial and high-end communications equipment. This will be led by foreign investment as companies look to move production from higher cost West European locations or in the case of non-European companies look to establish a low-cost manufacturing base to serve the European market.

Yearbook of World Electronics Data - Volume 4 East Europe & World Summary

Published since 1991 he Volume 4 of the Yearbook of World Electronics Data provides:• A single source solution allowing you to track the electronics industry in 12 countries in Central & Eastern Europe.• 13 major product groups.• Market and production forecasts.• Unique world summary of production (2010-2013) and markets (2010-2016) data for 53 countries.• CD-option allows you to manipulate the data quickly and easily: produce your own subsets or summaries of the data, create your own forecasts or cut and paste the data into your own in-house reports and presentations.

Who will benefit

The Yearbook is essential research providing key data for all areas of the electronics industry including:• Distributors and manufacturers of electronic components and materials.• Suppliers of electronic production equipment.• OEMs.• EMS Providers.• Government, including investment organizations.• Financial and industry analysts.• Academic institutes & universities tracking developments in the electronics industry.

The Yearbook of World Electronics Data

The Yearbook of World Electronics Data series presents market and production statistics for the GLOBAL electronics industry. Available in four published volumes covering 53 countries and 13 major product groups, the yearbook is used in the formulation of business and market planning, in tracking trends based on an clear understanding on how the industry has developed historically and to provide a basis for medium and long-term forecasting.

53 country coverage, 13 major product groups

… comparable country by country and product by product.

Methodology The Yearbooks highlight market trends and opportunities and offer corroborative evidence for individual research. Each new edition is fully revised and updated. Trade statistics are analyzed in detail, with over 500 separate categories being employed. Production statistics are collected from Government and Manufacturer's Association sources where these are available. Extensive use is also made of research reports, company reports, news items and work by other consultants to supplement and cross check the official and semi-official sources.

Markets are forecast in real terms for the next five years, with production forecast for the next two years, using constant exchange rates and excluding inflation. These are based on our extensive knowledge of the historical performance of each product, the general economic outlook and the major growth influencing factors. For each country production and market data is supplied for the following product groups:• Computers• Consumer – Video; Audio; Personal• Control & Instrumentation• Medical & Industrial• Office Equipment• Radio Communications• Telecommunications• Components – Passive Components; Semiconductors; Other Components

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