YES! ( Lands in Times Square at Chinese New Year to Show Off the Power of China Fashion

Feb 15, 2016, 05:00 ET from

BEIJING, Feb. 15, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- On the first day of Chinese New Year, New Yorkers witnessed the fashion app YES! ( landing on the NASDAQ screen in Times Square. 14 fashion leaders presented the world China's fashion power, along with Spring Festival greetings to the Chinese worldwide.

At the crossroads of the world's fashion capital, the slogan "Fashion power from China" is particularly eye-catching, indicating YES! ( is to start its journey on the global stage.

YES! ( is the first APP for fashionable matching and shopping recommendations in China, and mainly serves for fashion bloggers, "we media", fashion designers, stylists, photographers and the new generation who advocates individuality, fashion and creation. It has attracted many fashionistas from Japan, South Korea and North America. Through Uber sharing mode, the founding team wants to set up a fashion shopping recommendation engine, as well as emerging consumption patterns among young people.

YES! ( has gained investment from the leading VC firm SAIF Partners and the VC Godfather Andrew Yan. It was sold out after the opening of 36 Kr Equity Funding Platform. As a key project, it broke several records of equity crowdfunding. Su Mang, President of Trends Group, endorses the project and actively leads the round of financing.

YES! ( lands in Times Square with China fashion power

Well-known fashionista Han Huohuo, international supermodel Sui He, the champion of "Fall in Love with Supermodel" Kiki Kang, top celebrity stylist Tang Yi, super fashion blogger Zuo Anxiao, the founder of HARDcANDY PR Candy Li and other fashion leaders also joined in the investment, in addition to "Bfaner" founder Wei Deng, founder of "Fashion Week" Chu Pang, founder of "Seaty" Isabella Wang, founder of "Modish Vane" Yanyi Jiang, founder of "Vip huanqiu" Zhiwei Tian and other famous names in "we media" fashion.

YES! ( presents Spring Festival greetings to the Chinese worldwide

SMG TV presenter Chang Liu, founder of Sorority China, Michelle Li and boxing champion Shiming Zou's son Xuanxuan have also appeared on the list of partners, which is officially unveiled for the first time. They appeared together in Times Square, New York, announcing Chinese fashion is going to hug the world.

YES! Just DA it

In 2015, YES! ( focused on its product and user experience, attracting Han Huohuo, Sui He, Kiki Kang, Zuo Anxiao and 100,000 other fashion bloggers and fashionistas to post their daily looks. In a short time, they had posted more than 100,000 photos of fashionable men, pretty girls and adorable children, including more than 20,000 global fashion brands, covering about 1 million fashion items.

Through the company's advanced search recommendation engine, most users are able to find the best cost-effective purchase channels worldwide. With the recent launch of version 2.1, YES! ( focused on the rankings of WOMEN, MEN and KIDS, in which users can receive a bonus if they post their own looks. Here, the user's fashion taste and style skills can be monetized.

YES! ( is ready for another shot in 2016. Through in-depth cooperation with mainstream fashion e-commerce platforms home and abroad, the company will help users get fashion inspiration from real people at any time, knowing "how to wear", "where to buy" and "which is good value for money". Here, users can not only learn about the fashion trends and search for items they want, they can also get global information and shop conveniently with YES! ('s one-stop service.

YES! ( completed its Series A round of funding in 2015 and will start its Series B round after Chinese New Year.