YGRIN's New "Green" Website Renews Energy Buzz

Mar 29, 2011, 10:22 ET from YGRIN

ORLANDO, Fla., March 29, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- YGRIN (Yellow Grease Renewable Initiative) has unveiled a new website to reverberate their progressive energy program, "ENERGENERATION". The program was designed to preserve the environment while boosting the economy through incentives, spanning from the local level to the national community.

YGRIN aims to bolster a new perspective of clean energy sustainability by supporting philanthropy. The name itself, "whY GRIN?", is a constant reminder of the optimistic fundamentals this initiative represents. Ultimately, this innovative "zero waste" revolution focuses on bettering the community, the economy, and the people.

"Along with current technological advances, the new website serves to further accentuate our vision and forward thinking, to cultivate a green mentality, by sparking an interest and spurring action with community members, environmental advocates, restaurant owners, and government leaders," said Dower Drummond, YGRIN's president. "By creating awareness regarding the importance of converting waste to energy, we're able to spread positivity and ingenuity while renewing the world around us."

The comprehensive site includes a multitude of interactive elements to encourage participation from all facets of the project. Advocates can create personal profiles, in tune with current social-media platforms, to join in the process and stay up-to-date on everything, including the latest government regulations, current charitable developments, local restaurant promotions, job openings, and personal stories. It also offers exclusive deals, from restaurant to retail specials, for YGRIN participants to enjoy. In turn, the contributing partners are able to participate actively in charitable causes.

"We receive feedback daily from a vast array of individuals and charitable organizations asking how to get involved in this contagious movement, to reduce waste and give back to their respective communities," Drummond continued. "Through the voice of the people, coupled with the capabilities of our new website, we hope to make a difference, both as a humanitarian and renewable energies leader."

YGRIN strives to develop a network of restaurants, community partners, environmental advocates, and government leaders to implement an eco-conscious approach that systematically collects and reuses the nation's abundant waste grease, transforming it into renewable energy and other marketable products. The initiative will serve to create jobs, raise money for education, stimulate economic development, and provide charitable needs, while keeping waste grease out of America's waste systems. To learn more about this impactful initiative, please visit www.ygrin.com or call: 1-866-949-4746.

June Drummond