You Don't Have to Be a Tree Hugger to Embrace a Composting Toilet

Aug 02, 2011, 12:00 ET from The Composting Toilet Store

ALTOONA, Iowa, Aug. 2, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- We've all heard of recycling bottles, cans, and newspapers.  But what about recycling human waste?  This radical concept, once embraced only by hippies, is now going mainstream thanks to the growing popularity of composting toilets.  A composting toilet is an eco-friendly alternative toilet designed to recycle human waste into compost, or enriched garden soil.

"We've seen a huge increase in homeowner inquiries about composting toilet systems," says Ellen Bell of the Composting Toilet Store, an online retailer of Sun Mar brand compost toilets.  "Everyone's interested in green technology for their homes today.  People are realizing that today's composting toilets are clean, modern looking, and they don't smell.  Plus, they save homeowners money on water and sewer expenses.  They just make sense."

Composting toilets are often used when you don't have access to a sewer connection or septic tank.  They should not be confused with outhouses or pit latrines.  In a composting toilet, waste is broken down through aerobic composting.  This means that the decomposition process doesn't create methane gas—the primary culprit to blame for unpleasant odors associated with outhouses, port-a-potties, and wastewater treatment plants.

Modern composting toilets, with their integrated venting systems, fans, and thermostatically controlled heaters, are a great example of green technology for the home.  Plus, because most systems are waterless and don't require a sewer hookup, they're almost entirely self-sufficient and require very little homeowner maintenance.

Consumers interested in composting toilets today have many options to choose from.  It used to be that all systems were waterless, but flushing units are now widely available.  Such systems feature traditional-looking toilets in the bathroom that flush waste down to a central composting unit in the basement.  "Water flush systems are attractive to urban/suburban dwellers who are trying to balance their concern for the environment with the aesthetics of their home," says Bell.  "Most people just want a clean, modern-looking bathroom that will be accepted by houseguests."

The Composting Toilet Store ( is a distributor of Sun Mar compost toilets and part of the Home Products 'N' More family of online retail stores, in business since 1999.  A family owned and operated business, the Composting Toilet Store strives to make green technology a part of everyday peoples' homes and lives.


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