YouAppi Expands its Predictive Analytics via Cohort Analysis and Scales to 1.1B Mobile Profiles

Nov 10, 2015, 11:30 ET from YouAppi

NEW YORK, November 10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --

YouAppi, a pioneer in data-driven mobile customer acquisition, today announced the availability of its Actionable Cohort Analysis. YouAppi has achieved significant growth in 2015 and now reaches 1.1 billion mobile profiles.

YouAppi OneRun now has the ability to attribute users to cohorts based on their usage behavior and patterns. This deep actionable analysis provides insight into the type of device activities and applications that a user is using and maps and ranks the data criteria based on their interest in a category or sub-category of activities. YouAppi has segmented its cohorts across categories commonly seen on the app stores: Travel, Entertainment, Gaming, Shopping, Utilities, and Lifestyle.

For example, because we've learned that users downloading travel apps also download utility apps they'll need on their trip, such as navigators, maps, and trip planners, we're able to use our predictive algorithms to offer more relevant app recommendations based on Actionable Cohort Analysis.

What differentiates YouAppi's Actionable Cohort Analysis when compared with other app targeting solutions is our reliance on 1st party data from the company's 1.1 billion mobile profiles engaging with more than 3000 mobile apps and sites. All the data being aggregated is non-PII, derived from actions and post-install events with apps downloaded via YouAppi and not from external partners or data aggregators.

Within these cohorts, YouAppi has expanded its capabilities around its predictive analytics. OneRun can now anticipate what that users' behavior will be, based on the activities that the cohort has exhibited. This gives YouAppi the ability to deliver ads in a very highly targeted way based on real data. When a user opens an app or a site, OneRun can identify that user, map and find the type of apps that they are using, further expanding on its 25 data parameters that it's already tracking.

"Actionable Cohort Analysis is making our predictive analytics faster, better and more relevant," said Eyal Hilzenrat, YouAppi's VP Products & Partnerships. "We're now able to analyze and optimize mobile customer acquisition campaigns based on cohort analysis more effectively by automating more and more of our knowledge base."

Based on results achieved running 12,000 campaigns for 300 leading advertisers, YouAppi offers one single point to streamline your mobile media buying. With the addition of Actionable Cohort Analysis, YouAppi's OneRun Platform combines the power of machine learning with our proprietary predictive algorithms, analyzing over 250 terabytes of data every day. Our Media Management Team leverages the power of OneRun to understand your KPIs, manage your campaign, and ensure that you pay the right price for the right conversion.

YouAppi has significant scale reaching 1.1 billion mobile profiles, 3,000 mobile apps and sites, 200 countries, 100 billion impressions monthly and 5 offices and global data centers.

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YouAppi is a fully managed solution for premium mobile brands, providing one single point to streamline their mobile media buying. YouAppi's OneRun platform combines the power of machine learning with our proprietary predictive algorithms, and cohort technology, to analyze the mobile content consumption patterns of over 1.1B users, converting data into profitable users. For more information, visit

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