Your March Madness Bracket Is Complete -- Now What?

Basketball Connect by OneUp Games Makes Everyday Bracket Day

Mar 19, 2013, 09:00 ET from OneUp Games

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla., March 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- "We're all hyped up, everyone's got their brackets ready, the games are about to begin and what are you supposed to do if you're bracket gets busted in the first round?" asks Daren Trousdell, CEO of game-changing new live-action, real-time basketball app Basketball Connect.  "We've got the solution.  We love our brackets just like everybody else and Basketball Connect app keeps the game going longer, stronger and with way more excitement than ever before.  You're connected to live games in real time.  You can keep track of all the games in one place.  You have stats at your finger.  You're competing against friend and foe.  You're making split second decisions.  And this goes on all season long."

Instead of just listening to everyone at work, the gym, in the neighborhood and on TV talk about how well their brackets are doing – now you can keep on playing with them – and against them with Basketball Connect.  As a matter of fact, even if you've got a winning bracket going, Basketball Connect app makes it even more exciting – because now you can win multiple ways – live and in real-time.

Basketball Connect is connected to the live game on your TV – wirelessly.  You download the free app and when the game comes on TV, you're issued a game board to your phone or pad.  The game board has 16 game squares, each labeled with a game event (3 Pointer, Foul, Etc).  Your goal is to connect four squares in a row to win tokens.  So someone scores, and your score game square lights up and so forth. Move game squares around to help make a connect, block other players from winning, freeze other players game boards, brag in the live chat room, change your strategy every second.  Its heart pounding, quick thinking live action where you're playing against your friends, family and fans in real-time.

"Most people get really excited the first time they see their gameboard light up because something just happened on the live game," explains Trousdell.  "It's pretty cool to be sitting with a first time player and watch them freak out.  This is the first of its kind, live-action game that's also socially connected to your friends and other fans.   If LeBron James shoots and scores, you see that on your game board.   If you think your buddy or some other fan is about to win because he has three squares lit up– go ahead and block him or freeze his gameboard!  Sure he's going to be a little upset and could come back and do the same to you.  But that's what it's all about, right?  Live action in real time."

Trousdell continues: "We just added NCAA because our very loyal fan base told us they were college fans and wanted college at their fingertips. So now they have it." Basketball Connect has updated its list of features just in time for March Madness, offering a host of new bells and whistles that fans will love:

  • Team colors and logos for all qualifying for NCAA tournament.
  • Quick tabs to move between NBA and NCAA games easily
  • Easy one click posting to your friends Facebook walls
  • Random loaded gameboard delivered live ten minutes prior to the live game to give players time to strategize
  • Stat trackers for all NCAA tournament games
  • Player pool for all teams qualifying for NCAA tournament

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