Your Personal Power-Up: Five Steps to Take Control of Your Life and Career

Dec 01, 2010, 10:30 ET from Leadership Excellence Publishing

WASHINGTON, Dec. 1, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- The following was released today by authors Brenda McGlowan-Fellows, Ph.D., and Claudewell S. Thomas, M.D., M.PH.:

With economic challenges, joblessness, corporate restructuring, downsizing, and mergers on the rise, Drs. McGlowan-Fellows and Thomas have a message for business professionals and all persons wanting to grasp the American Dream:  Don't Allow the Outside World to Dictate the Inside You.  Use the Power of "You" to Empower Yourself.

Your Personal Power-Up is about navigating life's changes through finding and connecting with your true "Self".  This isn't a book about making a new self; rather discovering and empowering your authentic self – guiding you to contentment in your life and career. Offering a wake up call, it is designed to help business professionals embrace authenticity to take control and realize success.  Tools provided help the reader tap into their true potential, identify factors shaping them and resolve contradictions influencing their decisions.

Your Personal Power-Up helps create a more confident and successful life and career.  Success translates into empowerment. Business professionals often contend with challenges; making it tough to enjoy work and tough to succeed. The reader will develop the ability to feel committed, engaged and passionate about their job – creating success; no matter their title, income or status level.

Your Personal Power-Up helps the reader maneuver through a minefield of prickly personalities, demanding bosses, difficult subordinates and discrimination – causing a stressful, unfulfilling and unproductive day on the job.

Your Personal Power-Up is based on Dr. Brenda McGlowan-Fellows' award-winning 2003 empirical and focus group research; further supported by her 2007 research.  The book enables the reader to realize success at work and in life by following five critical steps:

  • Step One:   Know Yourself
  • Step Two:   Resolve Contradictions
  • Step Three: Embrace Change; Enable yourself and others
  • Step Four:   Get Comfortable
  • Step Five:    Carpe Diem

Part I explains how to move from feelings of stress and dissatisfaction to a state of confident control at work. Part II highlights roadblocks to implementing this process and how to get around them.  Real-life workplace vignettes, case studies, thought-provoking sidebars, and exercises help the reader take charge of their life, move forward with a purpose, navigate change, control their emotions and remove obstacles by using Your Personal Power-Up.

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