You're Saying "I Love You" This Month; Let Your Smile Say "I Love Myself"

West Hills Smiles can use veneers and anti-aging dentistry to restore your dental self-confidence.

Feb 13, 2013, 14:15 ET from West Hills Smiles

WEST HILLS, Calif., Feb. 13, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The doctors of West Hills Smiles, Pasha Hakimzadeh, DDS and Ben Reyhani, DDS, believe that veneers are an incredible weapon in the restorative dentistry battle against aging. Veneers and the advanced Lumineers system are capably crafted and bonded to teeth by Dr. Hakimzadeh and Dr. Reyhani as key tools in their cache of anti-aging dentistry techniques for their West Hills and surrounding area patients. Each West Hills dentist and the friendly staff believe that the time around Valentine's Day is the perfect time for life-changing cosmetic dentistry.

Veneers (thin pieces of ceramic that adhere permanently to teeth) and Lumineers (thinner, translucent veneers that can be placed in as little as two visits) can easily solve many aesthetic and functional dental problems, especially at the skilled hands of Dr. Reyhani and Dr. Hakimzadeh. They can correct single teeth that are cracked or discolored, restore length to teeth that have been grounded down and severely age a patient, can properly space a smile that's too crowded or far apart, and much more restorative dentistry in West Hills. More importantly, anti-aging treatments with veneers and Lumineers can make teeth easier to clean for decades, leading to better health in addition to appearance.

Just in time for Valentine's Day, West Hills Smiles is launching a wide-range of holiday specials and services. The first is to celebrate the month of love. The special is an incredible discount on an in-office teeth whitening with a take home tray; perhaps it's to inspire more kissing or even in anticipation of all the smiling that happens throughout February. Going until the 28th, this special is only $214, which is a true bargain.

West Hills Smiles also offers gift certificates that are a perfect and unique present for Valentine's Day. Some might scoff at the thought of a gift that implies that a loved one isn't perfect; however, there are ways to tactfully give such a gift. For one, a dental rejuvenation could have been in a partner's mind for a very long time and this could be the year it finally happens. Similarly, when combined with the spa style dentistry at West Hills Smiles, a gift of anti-aging dentistry can convey that a person is worthy of self-improvement and beauty and he or she is worth being treated to it. Most of all, the self-confidence that comes with a dental makeover will make the recipient feel better health-wise and beauty-wise, which can make him or her feel better about life and love.

Finally, the team at West Hills Smiles is continuing a promotion that started on January 1st. It's a special referral program that's running until the end of May. If a patient refers someone, both people are entered into a drawing to win a flat screen TV with no limit on the number of entries. There will be an official drawing on June 4th from 5 PM until 6:30 PM. West Hills Smiles will also be providing drinks and appetizers in-house during the drawing - just a small token of appreciation for their dedicated patients and their friends.

More information about any of the high-quality services available at West Hills Smiles can be found by going to The dental practice can also be reached by phone at (818) 963-7901.

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