Youzu Interactive Recognized as Top Developer by Google Play, Furthering Its Pan-entertainment Strategy in the Global Market

Dec 23, 2015, 11:15 ET from Youzu Interactive

SHANGHAI, Dec. 23, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Youzu Interactive and its online game platform GTarcade was recognized as a Top Developer by Google Play, which establishes the company's strong position in the international market after years of promoting a global strategy.

The success of GTarcade gives credit to Youzu Interactive's international success in the mobile and online games industry. With high quality and global themes, RPG browser game League of Angels on GTarcade has been distributed in 150 countries and regions around the world, gaining 200 million active users and bringing in USD 23.1 million monthly at its peak. The game was ranked in the top grossing game lists in 20 countries, and the sequel League of Angels II has been named the Most Anticipated Game in 2016 by MMOsite.

Meanwhile, the mobile game Junior Three Kingdoms released by Youzu Interactive in early 2015 also ranked in the top three on App Store with turnover exceeding USD 15.5 million in 20 days and the highest monthly revenue reaching USD 25 million.

Lin Qi, founder and CEO of Youzu Interactive and chairman of Yoozoo Pictures, confirmed that in the fourth quarter of 2015, the company collaborated with a few major game developers and distributed the same amount of their games as well as those that are self-developed.

With the mission of "sharing simple joy," Youzu Interactive persists in a strategy combining major IP, big data and globalization, with the company's leading development and operation advantages to build a global distribution system developed by Lin Qi.

In addition to games, Youzu Interactive aims to develop an innovative business model. It's the first company to create the "connecting games and movies" model under IP management. The company owns the copyright of the famous Hugo Award Winner, Chinese science fiction novel "The Three-Body Problem" and plans to develop a series of cultural products ranging from films, games, comics, novels as well as commercial real estate to build an all-time cultural brand.

"Connecting games and movies is a top priority in Youzu's future plans, led by 'The Three-Body Problem'," Lin Qi said. "In order to make it perfect, we've added additional investment. In the gaming industry, if your game fails, the public will only talk about it for two or three years, but in the film industry, if your project i.e. 'The Three-Body Problem' fails, then you'll hear about it the rest of your life because people will say you've ruined a Hugo Award novel."

Lin also stressed that both profit and reputation are based on product quality. Youzu Interactive has achieved cooperation with companies such as Google and Facebook while the company's self-developed games including League of Angels and Magerealm have been launched globally. Youzu also distributes games such as Spirit Guardian via its overseas platform GTArcade.

About Youzu Interactive

Youzu Interactive, a leading Chinese entertainment supplier, was established in 2009 by Lin Qi. Youzu Interactive has four main sectors – global game development and distribution, big data application, intellectual property development and operation as well as Pan-entertainment investment. Through collaboration with Google, Facebook and Alibaba, the company has strengthened its advantage in big data. By adopting an operation system for internet culture and creative industry that combines industrial chain, project development and investment, Youzu Interactive is offering more opportunities for other young entrepreneurs and startups.


Vicky Hu

SOURCE Youzu Interactive