Yoyi Digital, China's Leading Programmatic Buying Solutions Provider, Featured at Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival

CEO Roy Zhou Introduces Programmatic PLUS to a Global Audience as a Cornerstone of China's Evolving Digital Marketing Landscape

Jul 01, 2015, 09:59 ET from Yoyi Digital

BEIJING, July 1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- On June 25, 2015, Roy Zhou, CEO of Yoyi Digital, attended the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity where he delivered a keynote speech on "Programmatic Plus: Transforming the Advertising in China" as the only Chinese ad-tech delegate to be featured at the event.

The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity is a worldwide industry exchange platform dedicated to showcasing major thought leaders, trends and concepts in the global advertising industry. During this year's festival, ad-tech companies took center stage -- reflecting the increasing importance of big data and technology in programmatic buying. Headlined by Yoyi Digital, this year also marked the first time Chinese ad-tech companies were invited to attend the event, demonstrating the industry-leading position of Yoyi Digital and rising importance of China in the global ad-tech industry.

China's Internet Transition: Internet Plus and Rise of Mobile Internet

In 2015, the Chinese government unveiled its "Internet Plus" action plan, a policy to drive economic growth through the integration of Internet technologies with manufacturing and business, which has resulted in greater digital penetration in traditional industries. Internet Plus is also intended to enhance the benefits of the Internet to cover a wider range of stakeholders, connecting everything together to create value for users and creating a positive cycle of development. At the same time, the rise of mobile Internet is ushering in a new stage of development for China's Internet sector; at present, China is the world's largest mobile market and now claims more mobile users than PC users for the first time ever.

In his speech, Roy Zhou remarked that "The development of Internet Plus and mobile Internet is creating a new digital ecology in China and is fundamentally changing the way people live and work. For instance, recent documentaries like Under the Dome utilized traditional premium news content and leveraged digital resources to dramatically reach out to the public, hitting a record-breaking number of views within only two days and creating a surge in public opinion on an important issue. This type of viral content and marketing demonstrates the role that the Internet can play in the media to stunning effect."

China's Programmatic Buying: Coexistence of Challenges and Opportunities

Along with rapid changes in the behavioral habits of Chinese consumers, China's advertising industry has responded at equally breakneck pace. In recent years, the driving effect of data and technology on creativity and marketing has become significantly more apparent, and has thereby resulted in a dramatic shift in how brands disseminate information. As a result, there is growing demand for ad-tech solutions to guide and support brands in marketing initiatives.

On this, Roy Zhou noted that "With greater support by the Chinese government for the advertising industry, Internet Plus is also cultivating a healthy environment for the development of programmatic buying. As China's programmatic buying ecosystem continues to improve, major brands such as Lenovo, Haier and other well-known Chinese brands are increasing their budget for innovative ad-tech solutions such as programmatic buying. In addition, expectations from the capital market on programmatic buying are being demonstrated in the rising number of investments and M&A cases involving ad-tech companies. Large advertising companies are now actively seeking out Internet advertising companies to enhance their digital credentials and expertise. Not to fall behind, China's Internet giants have also successively adopted programmatic buying to better monetize website traffic. Taken together, it is apparent that there has never been a better time for programmatic buying in China and all signs points to continued growth."

However, there are still many challenges to overcome. In the multi-screen era, with the fragmentation of Internet surfing habits and diversification of delivery channels across Internet platforms, brands are increasingly finding it difficult to reach targeted audiences, which require the expertise of ad-tech companies to understand the complexities and nuances of programmatic buying. At the same time, ensuring brand security has also become a serious problem for brands.

For brands, Roy Zhou noted "Yoyi Digital has served thousands of major brands such as Microsoft, BMW, Haier and Nestle, and has accumulated rich experience in programmatic buying solutions as one of China's industry pioneers. The challenges that brand advertisers face can be better solved through ad-tech solutions such as Databank2.0, Yoyi's innovative data management platform, which allows brands to achieve marketing objectives in a smarter, more efficient manner."

Trends in Global Programmatic Buying: Programmatic Plus

In his speech, Roy Zhou also shared his insights into programmatic buying trends, highlighted by Yoyi Digital's "Programmatic Plus" concept. In China's Internet Plus era, the integration of traditional media and new media has become an irreversible trend, and the impact of programmatic buying's multi-screen media approach has also penetrated into traditional media.

China's programmatic buying industry is set to take a leading position in the world. On February 4, 2015, Yoyi Digital joined together with Guangzhou Daily Group to establish a joint venture company to integrate digital and traditional media through programmatic buying solutions. This will allow Yoyi Digital to realize cross-screen programmatic buying between PC, mobile, social media, video and Internet TV; while "Programmatic Plus" will be able to synergize more media resources, by connecting print, LED, billboards, movie screens, automobiles and other devices to build a complete, integrated programmatic buying ecological chain.

The proposition of Programmatic Plus created meaningful discussion by attendees at Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival and gained widespread approval from industry peers. Next month, Yoyi Digital will be featured at the 3rd China Advertising Technology Summit on August 26, 2015 in Beijing, China, where Roy Zhou will expound his vision for Programmatic Plus in the big data era with global programmatic buying industry experts, advertising gurus and major media and brand advertisers from both China and around the world.

Founded in 2007, Yoyi Digital is China's leading platform in multi-screen programmatic buying. Leveraging its data and technology resources, Yoyi Digital is spearheading the transformation of display ads from media buying to audience buying. As the first DSP in China, Yoyi's programmatic buying platform can access 10 billion displays, 1.2 billion mobile and near 1 billion video daily impressions each day by integrating Google, Taobao, Baidu and other ad exchange platforms in China.

Early in 2014, Yoyi Digital launched Databank, China's first real-time data management platform, which helps advertisers collect, analyze and manage first-party data from advertiser websites and mobile applications as well as third-party data assembled by Yoyi and other data providers. Yoyi Digital provides both branding and performance solutions for over 500 well-known global and local brands, including Volvo, Audi, Toyota, Ford, Canon, Shell, JDB, Lenovo, Haier, China Mobile, China Unicom, Bank of Communications, ICBC and many more. Headquartered in Beijing, Yoyi Digital also has offices in Shanghai and Guangzhou. For more information, please visit http://www.yoyi.com.cn.

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