YUDU Producing Interactive iBook Series for Iconicles--First CBeebies Show Adapted to iBooks Author Format

Iconicles (CBeebies) Releasing iBooks for Pre-School Age Children

Oct 01, 2013, 03:01 ET from YUDU Media

LONDON, Oct. 1, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- YUDU Media, a pioneer in multi-platform publishing, announced today the release, in conjunction with Chapter Media, of the internationally popular children's brand Iconicles for the creation of a series of iBooks. The first iBook, Mungo's Tummy Trouble will be completed ahead of MIPCOM, Cannes, with three additional titles to launch shortly after.

ICONICLES is an innovative, multi-media entertainment experience for pre-school children (aged 4 to 6) that marries animation, live action and visual effects in an emotionally engaging way.

The Iconicles television program is a character-driven cartoon that features a range of animated animal characters and a live-action host ("Nat") who work together to explore and learn. Adapting the show to an iBook format was ideal because it features an array of content types, including two-dimensional cartoon and interactive elements. YUDU utilized a combination of native and custom developed iBA widgets, to ensure the Iconicles iBooks capture all of the excitement and crisp colors of the Iconicles brand. The iBooks will feature live video content from the Iconicles television show.

"Iconicles wanted to create colorful and interactive digital content that would build on the TV brand and considered using apps or e-books," said Richard Stephenson, CEO of YUDU. "They recognized our expertise in developing engaging children's e-books and selected us to undertake the story boarding, design and production of a series of iBA Books that would draw on the TV show video content and produce an engaging and exciting experience for children. The core challenge for our creative team was to take existing content in TV cartoon format and adapt it to function well on a tablet device. The key to success is down to our decision to assemble a blended multidiscipline team with experiences in children's book publishing, graphic design, programming, gaming and creative iBA skills. Guidance from the educational consultant who reviewed the product at various stages throughout and the valuable insights gained from trialing the iBook on children were also key factors."

The main features of the iBook include:

  • Read-aloud audio.
  • Interactive 'iconi-screen' to guide children to the story.
  • Interactive games, puzzles and mazes.
  • High definition television video from the episode.
  • A story for all the family to enjoy.

The Iconicles program is centered on the adventures of Nat, a live-action young man who is an explorer and inventor who spends his time in his studio called the Iconicarium. He invents an Iconi-screen that allows him to view four exciting 2-D worlds filled with 26 different fun Iconicles characters. A portal is created between the two worlds, allowing the Iconicles to join Nat in three-dimensional adventures. To learn more about the show and the various Iconicles characters, visit www.iconicles.com.

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About Iconicles
ICONICLES is an innovative, multi-media entertainment experience for pre-school children (aged 4 to 6) currently showing on Cbeebies in the UK and ABC in Australia that marries animation, live action and visual effects in an emotionally engaging way. For more information, visit www.iconicles.com.

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