YUDU Revamps Platform with YUDU Publisher

First overhaul of YUDU interface offers easier navigation, upgraded datacenter and new features

Oct 08, 2013, 03:01 ET from YUDU Media

LONDON, Oct. 8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- YUDU Media, a leader in multi-platform publishing, today announced the launch of YUDU Publisher, a complete overhaul of YUDU Pro, the original cloud-based product released in 2007. A single interface for all of YUDU products, YUDU Publisher will enable users to upload, proof and publish digital magazines, catalogs and books more quickly and powerfully than ever before. 

"Over the years we have made many advancements to the platform, but it was time for a fresh new interface and major enhancements to the back-end technology," said Richard Stephenson, founder and CEO of YUDU. "YUDU Publisher is evolved to meet the increasing usage of mobile devices, and perhaps most noticeably, the new platform is very, very fast."

YUDU Publisher offers more intuitive navigation and greater ease-of-use with new drag-and-drop features and new creative tools for sharper animations, videos and slides. The new interface includes task-focused areas within the site, improvements in organizing content and managing a vast array of subscriptions, editions and published content. The changes were guided by years of carefully collected user feedback. Feedback has always shown that timing is key – with YUDU Publisher there are time improvements on every page in the system, allowing publishers to process, preview and publish faster.

While datacenter problems could affect live content in the old platform, YUDU Publisher separates the publishing process from the final product, ensuring that live materials cannot be affected by any datacenter issues.

In addition, YUDU Publisher will operate on the latest servers located in PEER 1 Hosting's Building 5000, the UK's greenest datacenter, which YUDU began to occupy in June of 2013. The new datacenter offers significant advantages in reliability.

Like YUDU Pro, YUDU Publisher will continue to offer the reader analytics, e-commerce features and branding options that users have come to appreciate.

Now in beta testing for over three months, YUDU Publisher has generated strong feedback from users.

"I like using Publisher, it seems now more logical to me than the initial version of YUDU Pro," comments a source from Senefelder, a partner of YUDU.

"Improved speed for faster publishing," says Kurt Rajnicek, from Quad Graphics, another YUDU partner.

Although YUDU Pro and Publisher will exist side-by-side for the near future, YUDU Pro users will gradually be migrated to the new system.

To learn more about YUDU Publisher, visit http://www.yudu.com/platforms.php

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