Yuvee, Inc. announces a head-to-head challenge map of traditional search engines versus WebHub.mobi's internet maps for engaging with topics on the Web

Nov 30, 2015, 15:31 ET from Yuvee, Inc.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Nov. 30, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Yuvee announces the release of a head-to-head challenge map at www.webhub.mobi/xworks/head-to-head. This map lets anyone run a series of head-to-head challenges that pit three major search engines against WebHub's internet maps which delivers a faster, richer experience of a topic on the Web.  The seven topics that are part of the challenge are:  Boston Art, Boston Tech, World News, Dogs and Puppies on Tumblr, Crypto Currencies, Apple Travel Apps, and Cool Stuff.

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The head-to-head challenge is given in the form of a WebHub Internet map. The core navigation system in each multi-layered Internet map includes a column of "Hub" keys.  They are located along the right edge of the map because that is the easiest place for most people's thumbs to reach when using the maps on a smartphone.

Here are the steps to take the challenge.  Each topic challenge is allocated to a Hub.  A user clicks on one of these Hubs, and then takes the challenge by using the middle array of "Link" keys.  When the user clicks on a Link key of a search engine, the test will have the user do a standard search on the topic and look at the results in a new tab.  The user then goes back to the browser tab with the challenge map, and clicks on the Link key for WebHub for that challenge, and looks at those results in a new tab.  Each topic also gives the search engines a handicap option that has the search query already built in so when a user clicks, the user goes straight to the list of search results without having to type a search query first.  By comparing the number of steps and the scope and relevance of the results, the user can make an assessment of whether a traditional search engine results or the applicable WebHub map provides an easier, faster, richer experience on the topic of that challenge.

One point that this head-to-head challenge is designed to make is that there is a substantive difference between searching for a single item on the Web and searching for a whole topic on the Web.  Another point is that typing search queries and then getting temporary lists of results is not the only, or necessarily the best, way to experience content on topics of interest.  Content for whole topics are spread widely across the Internet: YouTube channels, Pinterest boards, Twitter feeds, Instagram accounts, websites, blogs, and many more.  Internet maps organize and provide context for that content. Each entire map is available whenever a user wants.

WebHub's Internet maps can be made by anyone. Through the creative efforts of each map maker, relevant Web content is put into maps that, once made public, can be viewed by anyone and shared socially.  Together, these maps form a crowd-sourced atlas of the Web that can benefit all of us.  It is free for anyone to make an unlimited number of maps of their own. The topics can be whatever interests the map maker: sports, music, fashion, celebrities, food, business, student research, educational or policy subjects and anything else.

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