Z Trim's Lynda Carroll to Address How Z Trim Corn Fiber Helps in the Fight Against Obesity in Mexico

Sep 24, 2013, 11:06 ET from Z Trim Holdings, Inc.

MUNDELEIN, Ill., Sept. 24, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Z Trim Holdings, Inc. (OTC Markets: ZTHO – News), a biotechnology company providing value-added ingredients to a variety of industries, is working with food manufacturers to make healthier the foods that people already like to eat.

Lynda Carroll, Z Trim's VP of Sales and Applications, will address the Food Technology Summit & Expo on September 26 in Mexico City, on how to formulate food products to help reduce obesity in children and adults.  The Expo is Mexico's biggest food show, and will be attended by more than 6,500 purchasing decision makers from many of the world's largest food processors.

Mexico has moved ahead of the U.S. in a race that no one wants to win, according to a recent study by the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization. Further, Mexico's Health Ministry reports that the world's new "most obese nation" incurs $5.5 billion in annual expenses treating obesity-related diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and heart disease.

With their partner in Mexico, FX Morales y Asociados, SA de CV, Z Trim is working hard to present healthy options to the Mexican and Latin American communities. "We are very excited to have Lynda Carroll in Mexico presenting a great solution to our food industry in such an important matter as is obesity in Mexico," said Mr. Xavier Morales CEO of FX Morales y Asociados, SA de CV. "We are sure Z Trim ingredients will impact the way our food industry makes products."

"To ignore the growing obesity epidemic, whether in Mexico or the U.S., and the costs associated therewith, is to court disaster," said Lynda Carroll.  "Efforts to slow, much less reverse, obesity trends have largely proven ineffectual.  Rather that trying to persuade people (particularly children) to replace the unhealthy foods they enjoy, with nutritious foods they won't eat, we need to use innovation to make the foods they eat everyday, healthier.  The good news is that we now have an effective weapon in this critical fight.  Using Z Trim ingredients, we can replace high calorie ingredients with natural corn fiber and materially improve the nutritional values of a wide variety of popular foods without changing their flavor or texture.  This technology can help make foods like tortillas, tamales, cheese sauces, taco meat, hot dogs, chicken nuggets and ice creams healthier and less expensive, but no less delicious."

For example, when using Z Trim to formulate tamales, a staple in many Mexican diets, we can easily reduce the lard by 50% or more, without compromising the taste and mouth feel. A tamale producer in Mexico is currently using Z-Trim to reduce the lard and has had great success.

Z Trim Corn Fiber delivers multiple benefits:

  • Reduces calories, fat and trans-fat content
  • Increases moisture retention
  • Extends shelf life and reduces breakage
  • Improves texture and mouth-feel
  • Adds dietary fiber
  • Reduces oil separation
  • Enables simpler/cleaner ingredient labeling
  • Transforms waste streams into value-added products

This unique Corn Fiber, made from corn bran, is a natural multi-functional ingredient that holds up to 30 times its own weight in water.  As a result, on a cost-in-use base, formulating with Z Trim Corn Fiber has been shown to significantly reduce the cost of finished goods across a broad range of food categories.


Z Trim Holdings, Inc. (www.ztrim.com) is a bio-technology company that owns existing, and has developed new, products and processes to make use of biomass for uses in the food and industrial markets.   The Company's food division currently sells a line of products to the food industry that can help food manufacturers reduce their costs and help them solve many production problems.  The Company's revolutionary technology provides value-added ingredients across virtually all food industry categories.  The Company's all-natural products, among other things, help to reduce fat and calories, add fiber, provide shelf-stability, prevent oil migration, and add binding capacity – all without degrading the taste and texture of the final food products.  Perhaps most significantly, Z Trim's products can help extend finished products, and thereby increase its customers' gross margins.  The Company's industrial division, opened in 2012, to sell eco-friendly ingredients to oil drilling, hydraulic fracturing, petroleum coke, steel/aluminum, paper and other industries.  The Company's industrial ingredients are highly functional in applications for adhesives, binders, viscofiers and emulsifiers.



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