Z3 Technology's Z3-C6A816X-MOD and Z3-AM389X-MOD OEM Ready Modules, Based on TI's New C6A816x Integra™ DSP + ARM® Processors and AM389x Sitara™ ARM MPUs, Provide Maximum Integrated Peripherals and Performance

Oct 22, 2010, 09:52 ET from Z3 Technology

LINCOLN, Neb., Oct. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Providing the latest in integrated module solutions and products, Z3 Technology is proud to introduce the Z3-C6A816X-MOD and Z3-AM389X-MOD OEM ready System-On-Module based on Texas Instruments Incorporated's (TI) new C6A816x Integra™ digital signal processor (DSP) + ARM® processors and AM389x Sitara™ ARM microprocessors (MPUs).

The C6A816x Integra DSP + ARM processors offer the industry's fastest single-core floating- and fixed-point DSP performance. The combined Integra DSP + ARM architecture is ideal because the DSP is dedicated to handle intensive signal processing needs, complex math functions and image processing algorithms, while the ARM is available for graphical user interfaces (GUIs), network connectivity, system control and application processing under multiple operating systems.

The AM389x Sitara ARM MPUs offer the industry's fastest single-core ARM Cortex™-A8 performance. The Sitara ARM architecture is ideal for network connectivity, system control and application processing under multiple operating systems.

The Z3-C6A816X-MOD and Z3-AM389X-MOD are complete System-On-Module solutions, allowing customers to quickly integrate the Z3-DMC6A816X-MOD and Z3-AM389X-MOD into their final application. Both Z3-DMC6A816X-MOD and Z3-AM389X-MOD provide a complete set of interfaces, with support for Gigabit Ethernet, SATA, PCI Express, USB, HDMI, analog video display and serial ports in a compact size form factor (88x108mm). All C6A816x Integra DSP + ARM processor interfaces are available on high-density connectors.

A common interface makes it possible to scale the processing power of any given application between Sitara ARM MPUs and Integra DSP + ARM processors by simply switching modules.

The Z3-C6X816X-MOD module is designed for use in applications such as networked audio, test and measurement, power and energy management as well as industrial vision and control. The Z3-AM389X-MOD module is designed for use in applications such as point of sale, portable data terminal, Human Machine Interface (HMI) and integrated embedded Linux® system.

Z3 is introducing an entire line of System-On-Modules based upon both the Integra DSP +ARM and Sitara ARM chipsets with varying amounts of on-board memory, clocks and processor configuration in the same small physical sizes to easily scale and meet customer demands.

"Z3 Technology is extending its industry-leading system-on-module and embedded software product lines with support for TI's C6A816x Integra DSP + ARM processors and AM389x Sitara ARM MPUs. Z3's production-ready Integra and Sitara modules together with associated application software enables ODMs and OEMs to quickly integrate Integra and Sitara technology as building blocks, thereby significantly reducing development expenses and product time to market," says Aaron Caldwell, CEO Z3 Technology.

"Z3 Technology's Z3-C6A8168-MOD OEM-Ready Module offers TI's customers a cost-effective, customizable design, enabling them to fully leverage the leadership performance and integration of the C6A816x Integra DSP + ARM processors," said Angela Raucher, C6000 product line director, TI.

Jacob Alamat, Sitara ARM MPUs marketing director, TI, added, "The new module encompassing the AM389x Sitara ARM MPUs makes the full source code readily available, easing development and accelerating time to market for TI's customers. TI and Z3's collaboration enables both companies to deliver a strong ecosystem and development support for our customers."

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