Zacks' Large Cap Value Strategy Earns 5 Star Top Guns Ranking

Mar 04, 2011, 12:51 ET from Zacks Investment Research, Inc.

CHICAGO, March 4, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- The Zacks Dividend Strategy has made PSN's Top Guns List with top distinctions in the Large Cap Value Equity Universe.  This rank was awarded to the top ten performing firms in their peer group for the quarter ending December 31st, 2010.  Once again our value strategy proved its worth not only as an essential risk adjustment component in our client allocations, but as a top performer amongst its peers.  Generating strong returns, especially in yet another year of high market volatility, once again places the Strategy in very elite company.  Volatile market environments have become more common place in the last few years and managers who succeed must have a disciplined approach, and a stock selection philosophy that is void of emotions.


Zacks Investment Management, a boutique investment management firm, was honored for the market beating performance of their Dividend strategy.  The Zacks Dividend Strategy seeks to own stocks that, on a historical basis, have paid, in aggregate, a higher dividend than the broad market.  Additionally, the strategy seeks to own shares that have produced predictable dividend income.

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About Zacks Investment Management

Zacks Investment Management is a wholly owned subsidiary of Zacks Investment Research, one of the largest providers of independent research in the U.S.  We are an expert in the practice of using earnings estimates in the investment process.

Client portfolios are managed using a unique combination of Zacks independent research and Zacks quantitative models that have been proven year after year to deliver superior results.  Zacks Investment Management is a Registered Investment Advisor. For more information please visit


Past Performance is no guarantee of future results. Results for the Zacks Dividend Strategy reflect the reinvestment of dividends and other earnings. Individual results may differ. The results submitted to PSN portray the performance history for a representative managed separate account gross of fees.

This press release is distributed for informational purposes only; to notify readers of a PSN ranking.  The results submitted to PSN portray the performance history for a representative managed separate account gross of fees, and do not include the deduction of investment advisory fees. An investor's actual return will be reduced by the advisory fees and any other expenses which may be incurred in the management of an investment advisory account. Upon request, Zacks Investment Management will provide gross and net performance information for the Dividend Strategy.

PSN and Informa Investment Solutions have no affiliation with Zacks, but rather evaluate investment managers' performance on an objective basis.  Products must have an R-Squared of 0.80 or greater relative to the style benchmark for the latest quarter period ending December 31, 2010. Moreover, products must have returns greater than the style benchmark for the latest quarter period ending December 31, 2010. At this point, the top ten performers for the latest quarter period become the 5 STAR TOP GUNS.

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