ZacksInvest's Free Education Series: "Private Market Investing"

Jan 12, 2016, 10:40 ET from ZacksInvest

CHICAGO, Jan. 12, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- ZacksInvest, an industry-leading private market investment platform and the first portal operated by a nationally recognized financial services firm announced today the launch of a free education series, "Private Market Investing." With an influx of investors and issuers turning towards crowdfunding and private market investing, this education series takes a close look at the benefits and risks of alternative investments.

Howard Orloff, CMO of ZacksInvest, has been involved in crowdfunding since 2012 and understands the many hurdles potential investors face when entering a new market:  "Crowdfunding is still in its infancy, and while it has the potential to be a game changer for both investors and high-growth businesses, it's important that everyone involved knows the associated rules and risks prior to investing." 

Prior to October 30th when the SEC's passage of Title III of the JOBS Act opened the door for interstate crowdfunding, non-accredited investors were prevented from becoming early investors in private companies. The vote specifically allows for ordinary investors to invest in private companies, without having to be accredited.

With millions of potential new investors gaining access to private investment opportunities, the SEC took the prudent initiative to add an education component for Title III of crowdfunded securities. In order to help facilitate education and growth in private market investing, ZacksInvest decided to launch the free education series. Daniel Mulcahy, Managing Director of ZacksInvest, sees a real need for investor education. Mulcahy notes, "There are stark differences between the public and private markets, especially in terms of valuations, risk, and transparency. You have to know what questions to ask before becoming fully committed to private market investing."

"Private Market Investing" is written by investment professionals and financial analysts who specialize in the private markets. The initial white papers in the series offer a primer on private market investing and explain the importance of due diligence; to access the guide, visit:

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