Unleashes 10,000 Educational Automotive eBrochures

Mar 24, 2011, 21:41 ET from

IRVINE, Calif., March 24, 2011 /PRNewswire/ --, a consumer car research website, has added another capable tool to its ballooning box of research appliances: the vehicle eBrochure. eBrochures are one-stop-shop research solutions, presenting a comprehensive, 360-degree automotive experience. With over 10,000 preconfigured eBrochures available, and countless others waiting to be configured, proudly presents its most valuable research tool yet, continuing to award the power of knowledge to the consumer.

eBrochures are information tools for car shoppers. They contain all important information about a car, merged into a single edifying document. One eBrochure covers a particular vehicle, distinguished by make, model, trim and available powertrain. They contain an abundance of information presented through video, pictures, interactive media and text. Integrated video and pictures allow customers to sense and experience a vehicle, rather than only peruse bland black-and-white lists. eBrochures contain a detailed list of standard specifications and features, next to an exhaustive options roster, complete with prices per option. Using this feature, customers can easily compute the exact price of their dream vehicle. More than 10,000 preconfigured eBrochures are available at, covering gobs of vehicles manufactured in 2009-2012. For vehicles without a preconfigured brochure, a user can easily create one in a matter of minutes using the extremely simple "Build a Car" tool.

Why use an eBrochure? Rather than sweating through the process of piecing together disjointed tidbits of data, customers can effortlessly view all pertinent information in a single package. Customers do not want to take a research jaunt through the entire internet, and using eBrochures, there is no reason to. A quick stop by for a comprehensive eBrochure, answers all their research questions. Best of all, eBrochures can be shared via social media and sent through email. There is no hassle, no harassment – just a few clicks and out streams a torrent of useful information. The plethora of educational eBrochures at is just more proof of's promise to consumers: Knowledge is power, and is devoted to the power of its customers.

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