Zazen Bear Helps Bring a Sense of Peace to the Stress of Last Minute Holiday Shopping

Dec 21, 2015, 15:16 ET from ZAZEN BEAR

NEW YORK, Dec. 21, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The most stressful week of the year is upon us; the last week of holiday shopping.  As consumers across the country seek those last minute gifts, their stress levels rise. Zazen Bear, the retailer whose concept is about connection, harmony and peace, is offering consumers gifts that inspire finding those moments of peace in your day.

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To celebrate this season, Zazen Bear has released a video series, titled "Zen Tree," to showcase their jewelry collections while giving the viewer a sense of relaxation and peace.  Every Holiday Season, consumers decorate trees to reflect the festive spirit; whether it is with ornaments, lights, garland, or a combination of all, each tree has its own specific design. Zazen Bear took this holiday staple, visualizing it with a peaceful and minimal aesthetic. The "Zen Tree" series celebrates the Holiday Season by presenting the Zazen Bear jewelry collections as ornaments decorating a forest of Christmas trees.

Incorporating precious materials like diamonds, sapphires, gold and silver, the jewelry collection spans from the Connected Ring Series (starting at $213.00 to $354.00) designed to represent the connection of the mind and the universe where our inner self intersects with the world around us; the Zazen bear monogram earrings featuring the iconic bear that represents harmony and inner peace (starting at $118.00 to $306.00); the Posey Bracelets of Balance, Meditation and Calm designed as a reminder to seek these three elements in the day (starting at $815.00); the Inner Stellar necklace a reminder to embrace the constellation of stars that represents our dreams and aspirations (starting at $538.00 to $931.00).

To offer a complete Zen and inner peace experience that consumers can also recreate in their homes, there is also a series of home decor objects and accessories: The Zazen Bear Ceramic Figure, which should be placed where it can easily be seen has lettering on the base that provides a gentle cue for your meditation moment ($27.00); Aromatherapy Candles made with essential oils and 100% organic soy wax, available in four different fragrances and come with a ceramic container featuring a Zazen Bear pattern that will project a changing pattern of light ($64.00); the Zazen Bear Key Ring replicating the gentle curves of the logo's bear as a simile with balance (starting at $24.00 to $30.00).

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