Zeebo, Inc. Launches Zeebo F.C. Foot Camp Game and Zeeboids Avatar Application

Interactive Combination Enables Zeebo Users to Take on Four Unique Soccer Challenges with Custom "Zeeboid" Avatars

Jun 03, 2010, 09:30 ET from Zeebo, Inc.

SAN DIEGO, June 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Zeebo, Inc. today announced that two new original titles, Zeebo F.C. Foot Camp and Zeeboids, have launched in Brazil and Mexico. Zeebo F.C. Foot Camp is the first of Zeebo's F.C. (Football Club) soccer games. Zeeboids is an application that enables users to create personalized characters ("avatars") for use in Zeebo F.C. games. Zeebo also announced a partnership with Goal.com, the world's largest website dedicated to soccer.

The two new offerings were created by Zeebo Interactive Studios in Brazil and join a growing roster of titles for the Zeebo 3G-connected digital gaming, entertainment and education platform, which delivers fun and learning to families in emerging global markets. The system is currently selling in Brazil and Mexico, with future rollouts planned elsewhere in Latin America, Asia and beyond.

"These original offerings join a growing array of third-party titles for the Zeebo," said Mike Yuen, senior vice president of global content and services, Zeebo, Inc. "With Zeebo F.C. Foot Camp, Zeebo Interactive Studios has created four fantastic mini-games in one. Zeeboids personalizes the experience with a state-of-the-art avatar system. It provides character customization, achievements, online leaderboards, and even network-based synchronization. With the World Cup approaching, fans in Brazil and Mexico can enjoy hours of soccer fun before and after their teams compete."

About Zeebo F.C. Foot Camp

Zeebo F.C. Foot Camp brings together four 3D mini-games that test players' skills and challenge their soccer-playing fundamentals. Up to eight people can take turns challenging the goalie in Free Kick, trying to keep the ball in the air in Juggle, using expert footwork to evade defenders in Dribble and practicing shot-on-goal teamwork in Goal Scoring. Additional capabilities are made possible by the Zeeboids personal avatar creation application.

About Zeeboids

Zeeboids allows users to build their own 3D virtual characters for use with Zeebo F.C. games. The Zeeboids have their own unique appearance, customized by the user, as well as their own accomplishments and history. For example, Zeeboids acquire new skills as users get better at playing F.C. games. The Zeeboids application keeps a record of Zeeboid achievements, and rewards outstanding accomplishments. Users can upload their Zeeboids' scores via the ZeeboNet Wireless Network and compare them with other players' scores on an online leaderboard. Users can also synchronize their Zeeboid via the ZeeboNet, allowing them to access their own Zeeboid even when playing on friends' Zeebo systems.

Goal.com Partnership

In addition to the new titles, Zeebo announced an agreement with Goal.com, the world's largest soccer-related website. Under the agreement, Zeebo users in Mexico will have access to the latest soccer scores and news directly through a Goal.com channel on their Zeebo platforms, made possible by Zeebo's web-browsing capabilities.

"Zeebo's 3G-connected platform enables users to get the latest World Cup news and scores in the comfort of their own homes," said Gianluigi Longinotti-Buitoni, founder, president and CEO of Goal.com. "This is a major benefit for consumers who can't afford personal computers or lack convenient access to wired broadband networks. We are pleased to work with Zeebo to provide education and entertainment to the next billion consumers in emerging markets."

Zeebo fosters the development and monetization of local content by preventing piracy through fast and convenient shopping with secure 3G broadband wireless connectivity and over-the-air delivery. For Zeebo customers, content delivery and user interface software updates for the Zeebo system occur over the ZeeboNet Wireless Network and are completely transparent to the user. Customers can purchase and download content quickly and easily from their living rooms, without having to purchase any software disks or other hardware. Connectivity is provided pre-activated for the system, and users do not have to sign up for any additional service plan or contract. Zeebo takes only minutes to set up. Users simply plug the Zeebo into a television set, and the system automatically connects to the ZeeboNet Wireless Network.

For more information on the Zeebo entertainment and education platform, please visit the following:

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Mexico Site:  http://www.zeebo.com.mx

Zeebo Blog: http://www.zeeboinc.com/blog

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Zeebo, Inc., a closely held company based in San Diego, California, has developed the Zeebo, a wireless platform to deliver digital gaming, entertainment and education content to the next billion consumers in emerging global markets. The system's 3G wireless connectivity allows for rapid, easy delivery of games and other content, free from the risk of piracy. Consumers can buy inexpensive titles, download them directly to the Zeebo and access the Internet, all from the comfort of home. The Zeebo is available throughout Brazil and Mexico, with future rollouts planned in other regions.

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