Zenith Infotech Helps LMS Technical Services to Big Revenue Year Despite Economy

Aug 18, 2010, 16:30 ET from Zenith Infotech

WARRENDALE, Pa., Aug. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Noting the discrepancy between the general economic climate and his company's best revenue performance in its 31 year history, Larry Shulman, CEO of LMS Technical Services, says "I can't think of a better time for LMS, but the caution and uncertainty out there is mind-boggling."

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Based in Farmingdale, N.Y., LMS provides small and midsized businesses (SMBs) in the Metro NYC-Long Island area with IT network solutions and support as well as consultation services. Shulman has a theory as to why his company has seen sales increase $750,000 over the previous year while the country as a whole struggles through a recession.

"IT has always been a hard sale," he says, "but as business owners have had to cut personnel, they're finding the work is still getting done, and that's because of what computers can do. Owners are finally seeing that IT is a real tool."

Helping to keep that tool "sharp" for LMS is the managed services solution from Zenith Infotech. Shulman estimates that all of his 130 clients (spread across approximately 300 physical sites) are being supported by Zenith Infotech managed services.

Shulman relies on Zenith Infotech's managed services to keep his SMB clients' computers and IT networks up and functioning at their peak. "Anything that lets our customers pursue their business objectives is of value to them," Shulman says. "What our clients buy is a new reality for business growth. I tell them, 'I'm going to show you an improvement on the world you came from.' On a daily basis, Zenith Infotech proves its value. Every time we intercept a potentially damaging situation for our customers is a marketing win for us."

Keeping client business productive is the LMS value proposition, but Zenith Infotech's managed services has improved efficiency for Shulman's company as well. Zenith takes care of routine maintenance and monitoring functions, reviewing backups, installing patches and implementing service packs enabling LMS technicians to make more productive and profitable use of their time.

"Before Zenith's managed services, everything was reactive," Shulman recalls. "The staff was always on the run and a typical day was total chaos. Now," he says, "90 percent of our work is proactive."

"Ultimately," says Shulman, "Zenith's managed services helps my people better serve our customers. That allows us to go a lot deeper with our existing customers and increase our business."

Shulman also offers his customers Zenith Infotech's backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solution, featuring a network-attached storage device that allows for frequent backups, fast restoration of lost data, and server virtualization to get systems up and running within minutes of a customer's server failure. So far, LMS has seen 70 of his clients install the Zenith BDR device. And though Shulman tilts toward talking about Zenith Infotech's managed services versus business continuity when asked which has the most impact on his business, he admits, "I wouldn't want to do without either one."

In fact, Shulman is keenly interested in any solution that comes from Zenith Infotech ... and the mind of CEO Akash Saraf.  "To succeed, problem solving ability and thinking outside the box is imperative," Shulman declares. "People like Akash find solutions."

Saraf is a frequent visitor at the Shulman home, and one of Shulman's daughters spent a week in India as Saraf's guest, so Shulman has gotten to know the Zenith Infotech executive very well. "Akash understands the basic human needs of computer users," he says. "I have a lot of confidence in his thinking and what Zenith Infotech is doing."

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