Zenivex® Adult Mosquito Control Now Registered in California for Use over Crops and Pastureland

Jul 22, 2014, 16:24 ET from Central Life Sciences

SCHAUMBURG, Ill., July 22, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Central Life Sciences, whose founders invented insect growth regulator technology more than 35 years ago, recently announced that Zenivex® adulticide has received approval in California from the EPA for mosquito control efforts over cropland and pastureland.

"Our California mosquito control customers have been anxiously awaiting this crop clearance for Zenivex® adulticide, and we're excited that they can now rely on it for an even greater range of application sites," said Larry Smith, Senior Director of Sales for Central Life Sciences. "Zenivex® adulticide contains a unique type of pyrethroid (Etofenprox) and does not contain PBO. It is a non-ester pyrethroid which makes it especially effective against adult mosquitoes including those resistant to organophosphates."

As a result of the approval, Zenivex® adulticide may now be applied in California where crops and mosquitoes converge (including row, tree, fruit, citrus, rice fields, pasture and other areas where agricultural enterprises take place) or to areas where drift over cropland could occur. Zenivex® adulticide can be applied to these areas by either ground or aerial application following label rates and directions.

The crop approval in California applies to both formulations of Zenivex® adulticide, including Zenivex® E20 and Zenivex® E4 RTU. Both offerings are oil-based formulations designed for use in Ultra Low Volume (ULV) applications. Featuring the active ingredient Etofenprox, Zenivex® adulticide offers quick, permanent knockdown of adult mosquitoes. For more information about Zenivex® adulticide and to view the updated product labels please visit www.zenivex.com.

* New York state registration pending.

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