Zep Inc. Introduces Septi-Tabs™ Septic System Treatment

Eco-Friendly, Easy-to-Use Tabs Help Prevent Backups

Jun 01, 2010, 11:30 ET from Zep Inc.

ATLANTA, June 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Homeowners looking for an easier, more environmentally friendly way to prevent septic system problems can now turn to Zep Commercial Septi-Tabs™ Septic System Treatment.  Just one Septi-Tabs treatment in the toilet every month helps keep septic lines clear and odor-free and helps prevent backups -- at a cost of less than $2.50 per treatment.

"Septi-Tabs are quick and convenient," says Angela Walton, Product Manager, Zep Commercial Sales & Service.  "There's no pouring, no measuring, and no spills.  Just drop a Septi-Tab in the toilet bowl, let it fizz up a little, flush, and you're done."

The fizzing action of Septi-Tabs releases billions of waste-digesting, natural bacteria into the septic tank.  The bacteria produce enzymes that effectively break down wastes, restoring a healthy balance of biological activity.  Unlike some other septic system treatments, the Septi-Tabs formulation is non-toxic and conserves water, making it an eco-friendly choice.

Septi-Tabs are also a budget-friendly choice, saving homeowners several dollars over liquid or powder treatments, hundreds of dollars over emergency septic tank pumping, and thousands of dollars over replacing a tank or draining a field.  Each Septi-Tab treats up to a 1,500 gallon septic tank.

"Fixing septic system backups can be costly and a huge nightmare for homeowners," Walton says.  "Unfortunately, some people tend to forget about their septic system until there's a problem.  That's why we're offering Septi-Tabs customers a special reminder service, so they never miss a treatment."

Septi-Tabs™ customers can visit www.septi-tabs.com to sign up for a free, automatic email reminder once a month to help them maintain their Septi-Tabs treatment schedule and keep their septic systems healthy.

Septi-Tabs are available at The Home Depot and other retailers, at a suggested retail price of $9.98 for a four-month supply.  For more information, visit www.septi-tabs.com.  

Prevent Slow-Running Drains

Another environmentally preferable product that is safe for all plumbing and septic systems, Zep® Commercial Drain Care Buildup Remover can be used once a month to keep the entire drain system healthy and free-flowing.

"Soap scum, food, hair, cooking oil and more go down household drains," Walton says.  "All of that waste builds up in the drainpipes over time.  Even after a clog is cleared, you can still have slow-running drains."

Zep Commercial Drain Care Buildup Remover solves that problem, using concentrated natural enzymes to open slow drains, removing years of buildup.  The product is safe for all plumbing and septic systems and is available in a choice of granules or liquid.

For more information on Zep Commercial Septi-Tabs Septic System Treatment or Zep Commercial Drain Care Buildup Remover, visit www.zepcommercial.com.

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