Ziff Davis Enterprise Launches New SmartEngage Ad Suite

Personalized, Contextual and Customer-Centric Solutions Build Buyer Preference with a Complete Engagement Experience

Jan 25, 2012, 10:36 ET from Ziff Davis Enterprise

NEW YORK, Jan. 25, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Ziff Davis Enterprise, the leader in innovative products and services for engaging the enterprise IT buyer, announced today that it has launched a new suite of interactive ad units called SmartEngage, the latest addition to its series of "Smart" solutions designed to generate more relevant and impactful engagements.

SmartEngage units are dynamic, all-inclusive online display ads that drive engagement by wrapping all the resources and information buyers need to develop product short lists into a single unit.  Ads can include product information (videos, whitepapers, blog feeds), social feedback (Facebook posts, Twitter feeds, LinkedIn messages), interactive resources (snap polls, surveys, infographics), and third-party editorial content and are contextually placed to deliver all the information buyers need to learn about offerings, conduct evaluations, and make purchasing decisions.

For marketers, SmartEngage offers significant benefits, including increased retention through in-unit engagement, a strong bridge from consideration to preference, and detailed performance results on each asset and engagement point within the ad.

"Innovation requires a sharp departure from the traditional.  With SmartEngage we're fueling the inevitable shift from Click-through Rate (CTR) based measurement to Engagement based measurement and changing the definition of successful display ad ROI," said Anthony S. Adams, Senior Vice President of Products, Ziff Davis Enterprise.  "SmartEngage allows us to focus on interacting with the IT buyer through engagement, thought leadership and assets.  In combination with our other display ads [IAB Standard Formats, High Impacts, and Mobile/Tablet Ads] we now offer the most complete solution available in B2B technology marketing."

The SmartEngage product line offers a variety of creative options and placements to maximize variety and impact. Every unit provides a fully branded and visually compelling content experience that allows buyers to select topics and assets most useful to them.  The SmartEngage product line includes:

  • Content Spotlight:  Fixed-size, multi-tabbed unit ideal for presenting contextually relevant content, assets and branding.
  • Content Pull Tab:  Expanding unit that starts above the fold, outside the page margin and then expands over the right column, providing unique real-estate for capturing attention and driving engagement.
  • Influencer:  IAB Standard sized ad that when clicked, expands into an overlay.  Provides a deep user experience and the opportunity for advertisers to repurpose existing creative and assets.
  • Kicker (Bottom Kick):  Expanding tab-to-overlay unit is placed at the bottom of contextually relevant article, video, and slideshow pages that allows advertisers to maximize interaction.
  • Pop Site:  A two-part expanding experience that includes a full-page overlay.  Ideal for a fully visual, multimedia experience or a campaign that demands the most available real-estate.

SmartEngage is available now as part of Ziff Davis Enterprise's 2012 offerings and can be run across its network of award-winning websites including eWEEK, Baseline, CIO Insight, Channel Insider and more.  For in-depth specifications and examples of each unit, visit Ziff Davis Enterprise's newly designed Ad Solutions Tool which provides marketers with detailed information on all available ad units - http://www.ziffdavisenterprise.com/ad-solutions.

About Ziff Davis Enterprise, Inc.:
Ziff Davis Enterprise, Inc. is B2B technology's trusted information resource.  Millions of technology buyers rely on our brands – including eWEEK, Baseline, CIO Insight, Channel Insider, WebBuyersGuide.com, and the DevShed Network – for relevant, objective content to identify the right solutions for their organizations.  Over 300 technology companies, from industry giants to emerging start-ups, rely on our contextual content, marketing, and audience development expertise to compress sales cycles and lower their go-to-market costs.  Ziff Davis Enterprise has proven marketing solutions for branding, demand generation and digital engagement.  Products include digital magazines, mobile and tablet advertising, online advertising and engagement solutions, content syndication, lead management, digital and face-to-face events, and custom media services.  Ziff Davis Enterprise has a global database of 5.5 million users representing an unparalleled community of business and technology professionals, developers, and the channel. www.ziffdavisenterprise.com.

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