Ziggurat and MBM Engenharia to Bring 3D Coordination and Clash Detection Services to the Design and Construction Industry in Brazil

Increase design and construction efficiency by converting any 2D designed project into a live 3D coordination model

Mar 30, 2011, 07:55 ET from Ziggurat Systems

NEW YORK and SAO PAULO, March 30, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- MBM Engenharia, a leading multi-disciplinary engineering firm based in Sao Paulo, and Ziggurat, a provider of 3D coordination and space management technology, have partnered to bring 3D modeling, coordination and clash detection capabilities to more than 1,000 MBM Engenharia customers throughout Brazil and Latin America.

The partnership gives design and construction professionals in the region the ability to implement 3D modeling, coordination and clash detection on any project with Ziggurat B4UB™ without requiring project participants to change their work habits. Project participants can collaborate and quickly diagnose and resolve issues related to their design by viewing and analyzing their system designs in 2D and 3D environments side-by-side on the Ziggurat Viewer. The result is a faster and more reliable design-to-build process.

The new offering is now available to MBM Engenharia's existing customers as well as other projects. The solution is offered as professional service, eliminating the need for an expensive capital expenditures, long learning curve and costly implementation process.

"When I first saw Ziggurat B4UB solution I immediately knew it can add real tangible benefits to our projects and the choice of MBM Engenharia as the local service provider for these services is an excellent choice; they know the market and are known for their superb quality of services and professionalism," said Henrique de Melo Paixao, Director for Sao Paulo-based Odebrecht.

"Construction in Brazil is booming and MBM Engenharia is right in the middle, they are involved with some of the most exciting projects in the country," said Yariv Kafri, CEO for Ziggurat. "By combining 3D modeling, coordination and clash detection from Ziggurat B4UB and professional expertise from MBM Engenharia, construction projects in Brazil can achieve quicker time to bring to market a better product, reduce time spent on coordination and troubleshooting, and retain happy customers."

"Ziggurat B4UB will enable us to provide our customers with the latest technology in building design and coordination, resulting in faster, cost efficient and more sustainable construction," said Claudio Bousquet Muylaert, President for MBM Engenharia.

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About MBM Engenharia

Founded in 1989, MBM ENGINEERING SERVICES Ltd., is a multi-disciplinary engineering firm that provides consulting services, supervision and project development in the areas of Electrical Installations, Hydraulic, Air Conditioning and Building Automation. 

MBM's team consists of Electrical Engineers, Civil, Mechanical and Electro technical, Mechanics and Building Designers and CAD operators. With headquarters in Sao Paulo, MBM's work philosophy of high product quality, meeting deadlines and always seeking gains in productivity, allowed the firm to win a vast number of clients nationwide. To learn more visit  http://www.mbmengenharia.com.br.

About Ziggurat

Ziggurat Systems provides a comprehensive virtual clash detection, coordination and space management service for the Architectural Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry. The company offers 3D modeling of any design file with systems overlay and on-demand section analysis. The Ziggurat team uses B4UB™ (Before You Build) technology, a sophisticated and easy-to-use proprietary 3D technology to deliver their service aimed at reducing the inefficiencies and risk inherent in development and construction projects. For more information about Ziggurat products or services, please visit: www.zigguratsystems.com.

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