Zinkan Enterprise's MineREADY™ Dust Compliance Product To Ensure Underground Mining Safety

Zinkan Enterprises' proprietary dust control chemistry for international operations meets proposed MSHA regulations

Sep 24, 2013, 11:03 ET from Zinkan

CLEVELAND, Sept. 24, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Zinkan Enterprises announced today the release of a premium dust reduction product, MineREADYMineREADY was specifically developed to mitigate silica and quartz dust in support of mining operations and the final ruling from Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) on respirable dust in underground mines.

Since 1987, Zinkan's patented dust suppression chemicals have been provided to, and utilized in, underground mining operations across the world. It is an effective conditioner for use in treatment of coal dust and airborne dust resulting from the processing or handling of coal or aggregate products. In order to capture ultra-small dust particles, additional dust and maintain mine readiness, the key is the use of MineREADY so that these wetted particles settle quickly and stay under control throughout the underground mining process. 

After a long history of postponements, a final decision by federal regulators to issue revised safety regulations proposed by MSHA for reducing miners' exposure to coal dust is due in September. According to the Government Accountability Office, silicosis and black lung disease has caused or contributed to the deaths of more than 75,000 coal miners since 1968. In addition, the Black Lung Disability Trust, financed by a federal tax on coal, by 2009 had distributed over $44 billion in benefits to miners disabled by the preventable disease.

"Once the MSHA regulations are finalized, mining companies will need to make their mine sites ready to be compliant to ensure the limit on coal mine dust is met," said Tim Drake, Zinkan Enterprises Vice President of Marketing and Product Development. "It is a priority of these mining companies to ensure the safety of its miners and their assets, therefore, we are proud to have developed our MineREADY™ dust compliance technology and contribute to health care savings and safety expectations, which will undoubtedly become the standard around the world." Furthermore, MineREADY™ handles silica, or quartz, dust issues unparalleled by any other product currently on the market.

MSHA and mining companies monitor the level of respirable dust through sampling methods. Underground dust control is necessary to lower the coal worker's exposure to dust to a safer level. As the standard level of dust is currently under review, safety administrators in the mines can be assured that MineREADY is already proven successful to keep the mining face and work areas well below these proposed levels.

In addition to meeting the proposed regulations set forth by MSHA, MineREADY™ also offers mining companies a significant cost savings. As a dust suppressant, MineREADY™ can provide a 30 percent cost savings over foam systems. It can easily be added to existing water spray systems, and is formulated from FDA-approved safe materials to further ensure the safety of the miners while they work.

To learn more about MineREADY™ dust control solution and Zinkan Enterprises, please visit www.zinkan.com/MineREADY

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