Zinwave is recognised as a world leader in DAS innovation according to ABI Research

Zinwave's DAS technology supports all frequencies between 150 MHz and 2700 MHz on a single equipment layer

Oct 24, 2012, 17:35 ET from Zinwave

CAMBRIDGE, England, Oct. 24, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Zinwave Ltd, headquartered in the UK, has been identified as a part of the next generation of DAS vendors and one of the companies to watch out for as the DAS market evolves, according to a competitive assessment report completed by ABI Research on the in-building wireless coverage market.

The report also revealed that the global DAS market is experiencing major changes as up and coming active DAS companies such as Zinwave are gaining recognition, expanding their market share and successfully competing with traditional DAS vendors.

The US is the largest in-building wireless market for active DAS globally (worth in excess of $730 million of active DAS equipment, and accounting for around 80% of global market share, according to ABI Research) and is continuing to expand as consumers and enterprises become more dependent on portable devices to access the Internet.

ABI Research has offices in the US, Europe and Asia Pacific and specialises in providing in-depth analysis and quantitative forecasting of trends in global wireless connectivity and other emerging technologies.

In recognition of this increased demand and of its innovative capabilities, Zinwave has expanded its US presence by opening new offices and appointing a number of regional directors to satisfy North America's growing requirement for robust DAS infrastructures.

The new team is led by Eric Bauman, Vice President of Sales, who is also responsible for sales in the northern states, Canada as well as the rest of the Americas. Hollister Keville is responsible for sales in the western states, Ron Mehringer is responsible for sales in the eastern states and Dale Wildes is responsible for sales in the central and southern states.

Zinwave's EVP for Worldwide sales, Laddy Fleming, who was appointed earlier this year, is also based in the US to add further Zinwave presence in its key market.

Zinwave's in-building DAS (the Zinwave 3000) is unique as it is the only truly wideband DAS on the market. It is frequency-agnostic and supports multiple operators and multiple services on a single equipment layer, making it completely future-proof.

Zinwave's new team have recently won a number of significant contracts, including the Pepsi Center Arena in Denver, Colorado.

SOURCE Zinwave