Zippi Announces 2010 Progress, 'Year in Review,' and Discusses its Global Strategy for 2011

Dec 23, 2010, 10:30 ET from Zippi Networks, Inc.

SAN JOSE, Calif., Dec. 23, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Zippi Networks, Inc. (Pink Sheets: ZIPZ), an Applications company focused on delivering entertainment, gaming, and social networking Apps for today's mobile lifestyle, today announced its 2010 progress.  Zippi was founded on the premise of "Clutter Out ... Cash In," a whole new way to eBay, with management achieving over $8,000,000 in equity, debt, and secured SBA Bank Financing from Heritage Bank of Commerce to date. In addition, the company secured a $100K co-development investment from Pay Pal, and a stamp of approval to create a very unique selling structure for eBay sellers, which no other Pay Pal / eBay partner had ever achieved. Recognizing the changing dynamics in the marketplace, Zippi began shifting its focus toward mobility tools and mobile applications, allowing their business to adapt to these trends. Zippi quickly realized the scalability of its future business would depend on its ability to achieve a mobile presence, and began to re-position the business for this growth, decrease operational expenses, and deploy applications for Apple's iPhone and iPad devices.  

In or around the 2nd quarter of 2010 Zippi announced what was to be its new "Clutter Out ... Cash In" strategy, with the introduction of an iPhone application designed to be a complete mobile solution and marketplace, named "Zippi Swap." The company stated it would utilize much of its previous asset base to deploy this category specific application, creating a cost effective, scalable future. The "Zippi Swap" application will allow for photographing, pricing, swapping, video product presentation, and payment, all designed to work through a very dynamic iPhone app. Zippi confirms this application has reached its beta phase and is scheduled for submission to Apple iTunes in early 2011, as previously released.

The company has also announced several additional categories in which applications will also be deployed, confirming Zippi's positioning in the Mobile Apps marketplace. Following the announcements of these initiatives, Zippi has achieved 3 applications now live in Apple iTunes, two gaming apps, "Tanker Blaster" and "Fighter Plane," as well as a Trivia app named "Millionaire Brain." As the company strives to finalize their "Zippi Swap" app for submission, a pipeline of applications have been designed and mapped out for build and deployment in 2011.

Zippi points to many significant achievements as an early entrant to the mobile applications market, and only days ago released the relevant data in this regard. Its "Millionaire Brain" Trivia App reached a #1 Rank for iPad Trivia apps, a #7 in the iPhone category, along with "Tanker Blaster" and "Fighter Plane" building consistent downloads and user base as well. In addition to these achievements, the company implemented a Mobile advertising strategy with the inclusion of "Ad Mob" (a Google company) and "iAds" (an Apple company) to serve mobile advertising inside the Zippi Mobile applications. The company has cited growing numbers of advertising impression increases, which will provide the data necessary to scale advertising revenue across their mobile application offerings.

Management has stated 2011 will be a year of focus on the structure of the business, the deployment of new applications and upgraded applications, driving revenue through downloads and advertising, application purchases (or upgrades), and service fee revenue on transactions.  

Robert A. Rositano Jr., CEO of Zippi Networks, Inc., stated, "When we discuss focusing on the structure of the business, we are not only speaking from an operational standpoint, more importantly we are focused on completing what we started in late 2010, with the completion of a Pink Sheets 'Current Information' listing status. The submission and release of the company's 'Zippi Swap' marketplace application is also a high priority, and will raise the visibility of Zippi overall, being able to demonstrate four apps live in iTunes upon this achievement. "We do not intend to telegraph our punch to the marketplace with specific details of the applications or titles being developed for 2011, but will say that Zippi has slated seven additional applications for build, or purchase, and to be deployed throughout the 2011 calendar year. Our internal target to achieve scale and cash flow is 10 + apps live in iTunes, across several categories, coupled with the launch of a Social Media Campaign to drive downloads, ad impressions, in-app purchases, upgrades, and overall BUZZ for the company and its apps.  As we continue our progress, and stay focused on the global initiatives laid out for 2011, Zippi will also strive to achieve across the board mobile compatibility of new applications launched, to include iPhone, iPad, Droid and others. Raising the appropriate growth capital to execute each phase of the business will be the key components fueling this formula for success."

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Zippi is an Applications company delivering consumers entertainment, gaming, and social networking Apps for today's Mobile lifestyle.

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