Zoe Saldana on the April/May Cover of Siempre Mujer

Also, the Top 5 Latinos in Music Features an Exclusive Interview with Chayanne

Apr 05, 2010, 09:00 ET from Siempre Mujer

NEW YORK, April 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Zoe Saldana, Siempre Mujer's April/May cover star dishes to the magazine about her roots, her over-developed masculine side and how she defines happiness.  Excerpts from the interview, on newsstands April 6, follow and are available at www.siempremujer.com:

About her roots:  "I'm just Zoe. Not a little bit Dominican, not a little bit Puerto Rican, none of that silliness...I am what you want me to be if that's what it takes for you to overcome your insecurities.  As a Latina, I think we should be very proud of our heritage.  We tend to look for European roots and reject the indigenous and the African, and that is disgusting.  Being Latin is a mix of everything.  I want my people to not be as insecure, and to adore what we are because it's beautiful."

On her masculine side: "I have too much of one!  People have sometimes told my grandmother, 'Your niece has a bit of lesbianism in her.'  It's that my sisters and I spent all our time amongst men.  We were very popular with them.  Our way of thinking is very masculine."

But what about her feminine side?:  "If you want to punish me, send me to get a manicure or pedicure, or dress me in a skirt or shorts, and I would die.  But if you dress me in jeans and a button down blouse I feel very sexy, feminine and powerful.  It has to do with my personality.  That's why I think I'm very attracted to men who are masculine but in tune with their feminine side.  I've been with my partner for 10 years!"

Her view on life:  "Life is much more and less than what we imagine.  Life for me is very simple.  When I wake up in my bed I always think, 'If I'm fortunate enough to die in a bed, I'm not going to take with me material things, or money, or jewelry, or fame – nothing except the profound moments I experienced."

Where her outlook on life comes from:  "At 31 years old, 100% of my 150% self esteem comes from my upbringing.  The other 50% comes from my life experiences...The only thing I've asked of life is to be happy.  I know that if I'm rich or poor, I'm going to be happy.  Because I know what it's like to be poor and happy when I had nothing, but I still felt like the richest woman in Babylon."

On her definition of happiness:  "I like to work.  I don't have any preconceived notions on fame.  Everything else is the price I pay for being happy with my work.  Everything I've done has been for the love of art, and I try not to focus on the things that can distract me."

The April/May issue of Siempre Mujer also includes a feature story on the Top 5 Latinos in Music with an exclusive interview with Chayanne, who expresses his humility when he says:  "I consider myself a normal person.  I haven't accomplished anything on my own.  I find nourishment in working in groups and the results are always more beautiful that way."  A video interview with Chayanne will go live on SiempreMujer.com on April 9th.  Other music superstars featured are Paulina Rubio, Luis Fonsi, Aventura and Jenni Rivera.

SOURCE Siempre Mujer