Zoomkube Launches Interactive Marketing Campaign Software

Company Plans Q3 Launch of Facial-Recognition Software and Social Media Monitoring Features

Sep 04, 2013, 09:30 ET from Zoomkube

NEW YORK, Sept. 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Zoomkube, a leading provider of large scale, turnkey interactive marketing display solutions, announced today the launch of its content distribution solution software available to brands. The company also announced that, facial-recognition software and social media monitoring capabilities will be added to the platform in Q3.

The cloud-based solution software allows consumers to interact with a brand's products and services through real-time offers and content. Brand's campaigns will now have access to Zoomkube's up-to-the-minute CRM, behavioral, and campaign performance reporting. The company's proprietary campaign management software also allows brands to manage and update unlimited campaigns across global markets.

Launched in March, 2013, Zoomkube's ZK100 allows brands to generate and measure content through the company's 55" digital standalone kiosk. With this announcement, the platform can now operate on any 1080p PC-based touch screen, allowing a third party to integrate the technology into existing campaigns. The company's plan to roll out facial recognition software and leverage age and gender recognition, allows brands to provide potential customers more targeted and relevant offers and content, and thereby increase purchase activation.

"Zoomkube provides a great platform for any interactive marketing campaign. Our technology can assist brands bring products to market, increase sales, foot traffic and activity on social media," says Christian Mouritzen, Zoomkube's Vice President. "Our new software allows marketers to create full 360 digital campaigns by adding the missing piece to many online and mobile campaigns: out-of-home and in-store interactive brand experiences. It also enables marketers to do near real-time testing in multiple markets and stores right after launch, and change content instantly to optimize their campaigns. Our turnkey solution allows marketers to take consumer engagement to the next level."

Zoomkube's reports consist of statistical behavioral insights, consumer sign-ups, social media activity, cross-display activity comparisons, and campaign performance for individual markets and across markets. Zoomkubes can be used in and outside stores, in and around convention sites, at stadiums, inside hotels and restaurants, and inside hospitals and medical buildings. For more information on Zoomkube, please visit www.zoomkube.com.

Zoomkube is a California-based company specializing in the creation of independent mobile touch display solutions that drive interactive brand messaging to consumers on the move. Using portable and touch integrated units, Zoomkube displays can be placed anywhere to maximize advertising and branding campaign exposure, while also recording behavioral data from users in real time. This allows the inherent CRM capabilities within the units to offer brand managers comprehensive details on the effectiveness of their campaigns. Zoomkubes' team consists of experienced marketing and display professionals across various fields.

SOURCE Zoomkube