Zoosk's National Singles Week Survey Finds Men Are More Productive at Work When in a Relationship

Sep 19, 2011, 10:23 ET from Zoosk

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 19, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- To coincide with National Singles Week, September 19-25, 2011, Zoosk, one of the world's most popular social dating communities, recently surveyed more than 4,500 of its members in the U.S. to gather their thoughts about living the single life.

The survey findings include:

Men are more productive at work when they're in a relationship.

  • Employers take note! A whopping 64% of single men say they are more productive in the workplace when they are dating someone.
  • 53% of single women, on the other hand, say their productivity actually goes down or is unchanged when they are in a relationship.

Men say their role model for living a "fabulous unmarried life" is George Clooney; women pick Cameron Diaz.

  • 65% of single men say George Clooney has the ideal unmarried life, while 22% pick Justin Timberlake and 13% pick Jake Gyllenhaal.
  • 62% of single women say Cameron Diaz is living the ultimate unmarried life, while 21% pick music star Rihanna and 17% pick royal sibling Pippa Middleton.

Singles believe they are not treated equally compared to their married counterparts in our society.

  • An overwhelming majority of singles (77% of women and 74% of men) say singles are not treated the same as married people in our society.

Singles feel happier when in a relationship.

  • 85% of men and 73% of women say they feel happier when they are in a relationship.

Sorry Fido and Fluffy . . . boyfriends and girlfriends beat out the pets.

  • 90% of men and 85% of women say they would rather have a long-term boyfriend or girlfriend than a pet.

The #1 reason singles say they are still single? "I'm too picky!"

  • 65% of men say they single because they are "too picky" or feel that "all the good ones are taken." 59% of women feel the same way.
  • 17% of men and 15% of women say they are simply "too busy" with other things in their lives right now to settle down.
  • 11% of men and 16% of women say they are single because they are "terrified of getting close to someone."
  • 7% of men and 10% of women say they are "too independent to be tied down."

"It's not surprising that Zoosk's survey found single men feel more productive when they are in a relationship," said Alex Mehr, co-founder and co-CEO of Zoosk.  "With singles having more choices than ever when it comes to dating, browsing dating profiles while at work, or on your mobile during a commute, being single can obviously distract from work duties."

The Zoosk poll was conducted online in September 2011 and fielded 4,503 responses from singles in the U.S. who use Zoosk.

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