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Nov 04, 2013, 04:00 ET from Zorce.co.uk

BRISTOL, England, November 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

Saving companies 98% on their recruitment costs - Zorce is liberating the job market.

Zorce is a new website where jobseekers and employers can hook up without middlemen and huge costs getting in the way. It automates the entire role of a recruitment agency, helping employers hire far more easily, quickly and cheaply.

Founder, Ian Gibbons states, 'HR magazine revealed that the average cost of hiring a new employee is £5311 with 35% of all hires via a recruitment agency. No wonder companies struggle to find and hire new staff and great candidates get overlooked when it's that expensive. With Zorce, companies pay on average £119 per hire. By removing the cost barrier, they can view their hiring costs in the same way as buying a new desk, not a company car'.

'It's also simple to use; vacancies are advertised on the main job boards, uploaded onto social media platforms and sourced on databases. Applications are then accurately filtered by our own unique matching algorithm, and when a match occurs both parties view each others profiles and if they like what they see, ask for more details or set up an interview, just like a dating site'.

'Zorce is free for jobseekers, while employers get a 7 day user licence and their first vacancy free of charge. After that, it's just £100 a month and £69 per vacancy. There's no contracts, setup costs, tie-ins, downloads or placement fees, which will be a great help to SMEs.


Zorce has been in development for over 2 years. Its founder, Ian Gibbons has 20 years experience in the recruitment sector, 15 at board level for a PLC. Over the years Ian has become increasingly disillusioned with the recruitment industry, believing that like many sectors, it can be automated to drastically reduce both time and cost per hire.

Ian explains

"The recruitment sector is notorious for high levels of staff turnover, because the emphasis is on sales rather than delivery, hence HR departments receive 15-20 cold-calls a day. When an agent does eventually acquire a vacancy, its basically a foot race to the best candidates, with the majority advertising and searching on the same job boards and then filtering the best they can, bearing in mind most have little experience of that discipline. What companies are really paying for, is an over saturated recruitment sector with overheads that are far too high, meaning the fees they have to charge don't equate to the service they provide".

Bullet points

  1. Employers pay on average just 2.2% (£119) of the current UK cost per hire (£5311)
  2. Free 7 day trial and 1st vacancy upload
  3. Technology that will - advertise, source, recommend, match, filter, alert, reject, interview, offer
  4. Crowdsourced candidate referral scheme
  5. In-house developed matching algorithm and filtering software
  6. Jobseekers will never again lose out on a job because the recruitment costs were too high

Example of savings

24 hires in 1 year: 

Average UK cost - £127,464.  

Zorce cost - £2856.

Saving - £124,608

Contact: Ian Gibbons, Tel: +44(0)7708-227826, Email: ian@zorce.co.ukhttp://www.zorce.co.uk

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