ZumoDrive to Power HP's CloudDrive in All Mini Netbooks Starting in 2010

New HP CloudDrive Personalizes Netbooks with Users' Content and Removes Storage Limits

Jan 06, 2010, 00:01 ET from ZumoDrive

BURLINGAME, Calif., Jan. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- ZumoDrive, the personal content mover that easily gets consumers' content onto all their mobile devices, today announced a partnership with Hewlett-Packard to power HP's newly announced CloudDrive on all HP Mini netbooks beginning in January 2010.

The solution, HP CloudDrive powered by ZumoDrive, allows netbook consumers to quickly and easily get all their music, documents and other content onto their new Minis even if their media libraries are larger than their available on-device storage. By embedding the HP CloudDrive into its entire Mini product line, the world's largest PC maker now provides a personal content management solution with much greater convenience than traditional sync and remote access services.

ZumoDrive, the technology behind HP CloudDrive, was built specifically for netbooks, tablets and other mobile devices, which are often consumers' second or third device and may have less storage capacity than traditional desktop and notebook computers. At the same time, ZumoDrive works with any computer running on Windows, Mac OS or Linux, making it simple for HP CloudDrive users to have all their content on all their devices, including their Minis.

Files saved in HP CloudDrive are stored in a central location managed securely and reliably by Amazon's S3 service so they are instantly available on the Mini and any other device with HP CloudDrive application installed. The files look, feel and act as if they were stored locally on the device even if they are not. Since ZumoDrive files are stored in this central location, users can save files without worrying, knowing they are automatically backed up. ZumoDrive access can be shared across one user's devices and also with friends, family and colleagues, giving users the option to share photo albums or documents on which they can collaborate.

"ZumoDrive eliminates the headaches associated with storing, backing up, and syncing content," said David Zhao, CEO of Zecter, the company behind ZumoDrive. "We are excited to partner with HP so now the HP CloudDrive helps consumers bring their Mini netbooks to life by filling them with their music, photos and documents automatically, transparently and efficiently."

Features in the HP CloudDrive powered by ZumoDrive include:

  • Seamless media integration - stream music, videos and photos to popular programs like, iTunes, iPhoto, Picasa and Windows Media Player.
  • Offline access - enjoy frequently and recently used content.
  • Folder linking - link any folder to HP CloudDrive for automatic future importing.
  • Content auto-detection -content is detected on devices by type (music, photos, etc.) for easy bulk importing
  • Improved iPhone app - move content seamlessly between an iPhone and one or more computers by storing it in HP CloudDrive.
  • Playlist syncing - listen to playlists on netbooks or smartphones, even if they were created on another PC.
  • File sharing - create a link to share a photo album, document, or entire folder for collaboration.

ZumoDrive offers tiered storage options up to 500 GB to fit different needs.

About ZumoDrive

ZumoDrive connects consumers to their content on any mobile device. With patent pending technology, ZumoDrive allows users to bring their music, photos, videos, and documents with them even on mobile devices that are limited in local storage capacity. Zecter, the company behind ZumoDrive, was founded in 2007 and has received funding from Ram Shriram, Tandem Entrepreneurs, Douglas Bergeron and Y Combinator.

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