Public Service Announcements


Make your Public Service Announcement stand out

Gaining attention and resources for your cause can be a complex project — but working with our team of creative experts can help you create a Public Service Announcement that meets your needs. Our skilled creative team provides professional script-writing, shooting, editing, and distribution, helping you boost visibility for your campaign. 

  • Creative Services Consult with our team on everything from video concept development to content creation and distribution. 
  • Pitch Development Rely on our team's experience to deliver a comprehensive pitch to target broadcast programs. 
  • Leverage our Site Target media outlets by hosting your high quality content on our specialized site. 
  • Reporting Receive follow up data with station managers and track television and radio air time.
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Amplify your PSA with a Multimedia News Release

Build your story online with a Multimedia News Release, a branded landing page with audience engagement tools and online content syndication. 

  • Boost Engagement — A dedicated landing page houses all of your compelling, multimedia content.
  • Increase Awareness — Reach the audiences motivated by your campaign by leveraging the industry's largest multichannel distribution network. 
  • Identify Supporters — Integrate a marketing automation form to capture contacts and support for your cause or campaign. 
  • Evaluate Your Goals — Achieve your campaign goals with our easy-to-navigate dashboard to measure the success of your objectives. 
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