Newsworthy Reasons to Write a Press Release: Part 4: Brand and Marketing



In this blog post series, we’re uncovering all the newsworthy reasons to send a press release – and how to go about it – so you don’t miss an opportunity to promote your organization and get your brand in front of a new audience of potential customers.

In previous posts, we’ve covered press releases related to company growth, employee news and product and service offerings. For part four, we’re addressing an essential component of any PR and comms strategy: Brand and marketing. 

What Constitutes a Press Release Around Branding and Marketing?

At PR Newswire, we know PR and marketing teams often face challenges when it comes to aligning their efforts; however, a press release is one area where these teams can often find common ground. It presents an opportunity to collaborate with your marketing team to highlight the all the cool, creative work they’re doing toward a common goal: To bring awareness to – and raise the status of – your brand. In addition to bringing marketing and PR together, a release that outlines key marketing strategies gives your stakeholders a peek behind the curtain of what’s new and next for your client or company.

Launching a new campaign. 

The most successful marketing campaigns excite customers and lead to increased business. Kicking off a new campaign with a press release builds anticipation for your company’s new creative direction.
Need an example? 2022 RE/MAX National Ad Campaign Celebrates Significance of Home, Champions Real Estate Agents Who Lead the Way There

Announcing a new spokesperson. 

You likely paid a pretty penny for your new spokesperson (but don’t tell anyone how much!), so get your money’s worth with a splashy press release revealing who your audience can look forward to appearing in your upcoming campaign.
Need an example? Nespresso Introduces George Clooney as New Canadian and U.S. Brand Ambassador

Launching a new website. 

Don’t you just love when a company improves its website? It’s like a breath of fresh air after being trapped inside for a long time. Let your stakeholders know that they, too, can experience this feeling by going to your new site.
Need an example? Dallas Express Excited to Announce New Website and Ad Campaign Highlighting Brand History

Unveiling a company rebrand. 

Rebranding your company is one of the most newsworthy marketing efforts a company undertakes. You don’t want to confuse your customers by suddenly using new branding without announcing you are doing so. Like changing your products, your customers need a transition to become accustomed to your company’s new branding.
Need an example? Welcome to Dunkin': Dunkin' Donuts Reveals New Brand Identity

Announcing a contest or competition. 

You can stumble across all sorts of fun contest promotions and competition announcements on PR Newswire. Brands use the wire to amplify the audience for these campaigns and you should too.
Need an example? Introduces the Not-So-Silent Night Challenge for Extreme Holiday Music Fans

Announcing a sponsorship. 

There’s a reason sponsors are often introduced as “proud to present” an endeavor. Being a sponsor sends the message that your company is aligned with a venture and its audience. Show your sponsor pride in an enthusiastic press release.

3 Must-Have Elements for Your Brand and Marketing-Related Press Release

Don’t forget to include these elements to bring your marketing release to the next level:

  1. Your brand logo: At PR Newswire, we’re always spouting the benefits of using multimedia assets in your press releases, but if you’re only going to use one for your marketing-related release, let it be your brand logo. Not including your logo in a brand or marketing press release is just a missed opportunity. The whole point of a brand release is to raise visibility of your brand, and what more obvious and easy way to do that than by putting your logo front and center?   
  2. Your boilerplate: Adding a boilerplate to a press releases is often an afterthought for brands, but if you don’t include one, it’s a missed opportunity to quickly help readers better understand who your brand is and what it’s about.
  3. Social media links: Don’t let your press release be the last point of contact with readers. Give readers another way to connect with you and continue the conversation (and branding opportunities) by including your social media handles.

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