Putting Content First with PR Newswire’s Content Marketing Kit


censhare provides software marketing solutions to medium-sized and enterprise-level companies that have the need and see the value for an integrated, modular marketing and product system.


More than just an asset manager

Unlike other content management companies, censhare wanted to focus on more than just asset management and encourage prospective customers to concentrate on their content.

The company launched its “content first” campaign, which would kick off with a white paper on why marketers need to rethink their content marketing strategies.

In past campaigns, censhare has used a multichannel marketing and communications strategy, which included emails, blog posts, social media blasts, web properties and PPC. “In our industry, we commonly see the same kinds of content promotion,” said Doug Eldridge, Marketing Manager, censhare. “We wanted to do something different.” (click to tweet)

With lead generation as its main communications goal, Eldridge sought out a web product that would help do this while providing a go-to-location for the rest of censhare’s “content first” campaigns. “We needed to show senior management the ROI for going this route in addition to our regular promotional efforts,” said Eldridge.



Breaking out of the content marketing mold

censhare leveraged PR Newswire’s content marketing kit, a branded landing page that contains rich multimedia assets, content copy and a lead generation form. “Not only are these nice pages to push out to media, but there’s a lot of SEO value in a content marketing kit,” said Eldridge. (click to tweet)

In choosing a content marketing kit over a traditional news release, censhare created a central place for its “content first” campaign to live and be a key lead generator. The company launched the kit in conjunction with other multichannel campaign tactics such as email outreach, blog content, PPC and social media promotion.



Lots of leads & attention

censhare’s “content first” campaign had two main goals: generate leads, and prove ROI of the content marketing kit to senior management. “We needed to prove the value of using this kind of content marketing material for future campaigns,” said Eldridge. “We want to do more than ‘out of the box’ marketing, but need senior execs to buy-in with tangible results.” The company has received high quality leads from the content marketing kit, and have also seen the numbers grow more rapidly in one month’s time versus six months of organic promotion of the same white paper.

The company’s experience with MultiVu’s team of designers was nearly perfect. “We received our finished product much faster than what we were quoted for and only needed to make one small change,” said Eldridge.


Build more kits for a long campaign

Happy with its results, censhare plans to release more content marketing kits throughout the year to support this long campaign. “We are confident that we can quadruple the results of our first content marketing kit by the end of our campaign,” said Eldridge. (click to tweet)