Ellisphere, a pioneering French company with 125 years of expertise in business data, provides data marketing and analysis, risk management, and compliance services to businesses from all sectors. Over the past two decades, Ellisphere has grown substantially by developing innovative solutions to help clients, businesses, and financiers establish long-term business relationships with confidence. The company has established itself as a leader in business information in a rapidly changing economy and regulatory environment in France and across the European Union. As Ellisphere expanded, it recognized the need to enhance its digital communication strategy using multimedia to effectively reach journalists, prospects, or stakeholders and increase press release visibility and engagement.


Industry: Information Services

Company size: 201-500 employees

Headquarters: Paris La Défense, France

Products used: PR Newswire distribution, Multichannel News Release (MNR), Guaranteed Paid Placement

Customer Since: 2014



The Challenge

Overcoming Technical Barriers and Enhancing PR Approach

Ellisphere was looking for a way to increase brand awareness and improve engagement and effectiveness of its publicity campaigns. As an expert in the collection, management, and dissemination of business data, Ellisphere places a high priority on information security. But as global cybersecurity measures have grown more stringent, the company found that press releases and promotional material sent to journalists and other media were prevented from reaching the intended recipient due to enhanced spam filters, size limits and other email-blocking measures. Moreover, even when the content did reach its target, there was no guarantee of engagement or action.

Previously, Ellisphere had been using a journalist database to select targeted journalists and sending press releases through PR Newswire's platform. However, the company wanted to overcome technical barriers to reach media, prospects, and partners more effectively. Additionally, they sought to upgrade their PR approach by adding new methods to illustrate their campaigns and reach the intended recipients faster and more seamlessly without having to create multiple variations of releases.

The Approach

A Winning Multichannel Distribution Strategy

Ellisphere added two crucial elements to enhance their existing communication approach: two Multichannel News Releases (MNR) and Guaranteed Paid Placement. For each MNR, Cision created a digital press release in the form of a custom-branded landing page to host all elements of Ellisphere’s campaign seamlessly—including photos, videos, computer graphics, and a contact form, in addition to the press release.

Ellisphere also aimed to increase the reach of their campaign by combining their Multichannel News Releases with Guaranteed Paid Placement, which converts branded content into native ads and articles and places them on premium sites. This approach maximized audience reach while guaranteeing visibility on several major media outlets in France and across the European Union.


About the Client

Leader in Business Information

Ellisphere achieved remarkable success following the integration of MNRs and Guaranteed Paid Placement to enhance their communications approach. The MNRs garnered more than 11,000 unique visitors, along with several hundred downloads, shares, and clicks. Additionally, the engagement on their campaign content increased by 48% and 35% for the first and second campaigns, respectively.

Moreover, the use of Guaranteed Paid Placement resulted in over 250,000 impressions per campaign in major French outlets, maximizing audience reach and brand awareness. The client was impressed with the quick response and improved visibility of their communications, solidifying the effectiveness of the new approach.




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