Q1 2023: Trends and Top-Performing Press Releases

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Q1 2023 Most Viewed Press Releases


By Glenn Frates | Published April 14, 2023


Every day, companies across the globe trust PR Newswire to distribute their stories to journalists, investors and consumers with a goal to bring more visibility to their brands. 

Over the past several years, we’ve seen this content utilize more and more engaging best practices, such as: 

As we venture into the second quarter of the year, I wanted to share some trends and examples of engaging content we saw on prnewswire.com during Q1 2023. 

Most Popular Content

What makes for a strong-performing press release? Sometimes, it’s a compelling piece of multimedia that results in a news release generating a lot of engagement (clicks, views, earned coverage) and sometimes the story itself is market-moving (like the SVB example below). But regardless of the story itself, we consistently found that releases incorporating content best practices were among the top of the pack for Q1.

Releases with the most views on prnewswire.com in Q1 included: 

Q1 Press Release Trends

Of the thousands of press releases distributed in the first months of 2023, a few recurring trends stood out.

More Multimedia

In Q1 2023, there was a 2% increase in multimedia being included in overall press release volume versus Q1 2022. Releases with high multimedia engagement in Q1 included: 

Still not clear on the benefits of visuals in your release? Read about the reasons multimedia should be part of your comms strategy — not least of which is a significant boost in release engagement.


Brands are Boosting “Sustainability” News

Use of the keyword ‘sustainability’ saw an increase of 8% in Q1’23 versus Q1’22.  Standouts on this front included releases like: 

Looking for more sustainability news trends? It’s a topic we’ve covered before in our bi-monthly news trend roundups. And it’s a topic we’ll be keeping a close eye on as companies announce their Earth Day/Earth Month initiatives.


“Unveiling” the Big Stories

Another trend that’s been relatively consistent throughout the past 5+ years is the success of releases that include action verbs in the headline – think phrases like launch, expand, reveal and unveil.  On the latter, standouts last quarter included: 

A compelling headline is just one of the must-have elements for a successful press release. Read my previous blog post to learn about the rest.

There were thousands of press releases that crossed the wire during Q1 – more than I can cover here. And the trends vary widely by industry. For more insights around industry news trends, please visit:  https://www.prnewswire.com/resources/.


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