Railway Safety and Mergers, EV Charging Network Expansion, and More Transportation News Trends

A look at the transportation news from PR Newswire in March and April that you might have missed.


Transportation News Trends, March-April 2023


By Logan Tierno | Published May 9, 2023


This spring, stories of electric vehicle improvements and railroad infrastructure are dominating the transportation industry. Consumers have voiced their concerns in recent years on the instability of lithium batteries in electric cars, and automakers have tirelessly looked for a more stable, cost-effective alternative. Range anxiety has been another issue, with companies scrambling to provide greater accessibility to EV charging networks as the world shifts to a zero-emission future.

Let’s take a closer look at the trends that transpired out of the more than 2,200 transportation press releases that were distributed during March and April.

Popular Auto/Transport Releases

These were some of the most-read and engaged-with transport news releases of March and April.



Auto/Transport News Trends

We noticed an uptick in four different transportation topics, which we expand upon below.

The Ohio Train Derailment

On February 3, at least 50 cars from a Norfolk Southern freight train derailed in East Palestine, Ohio, and spilled toxic materials into the surrounding environment. Since then, Norfolk Southern has worked around the clock to implement new safety protocols and improve railroad infrastructure.

Undoubtedly one of the most highly reported events in the transportation industry over the last two months, it generated quite a few press releases:

By the numbers: Safety was a large issue in the wider auto/transportation industry in recent months. In March and April, there were 682 releases related to transportation that mentioned “safety.”

Canadian Pacific and Kansas City Southern Merger

Canadian Pacific and Kansas City Southern railways combined to create CPKC, making history as the first and only railroad connecting Canada, the United States, and Mexico. Various companies are announcing agreements with CPKC to utilize this accomplishment in the supply chain/logistics sector to expand their customer base.

Explore CPKC’s announcements below from the past two months:

By the numbers: Nearly 100 rail-related releases were distributed throughout this time period.

EV Charging Network Expansion

The desire to switch from a gasoline-powered vehicle to an electric vehicle is increasing, but consumers fear that the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles lacks ubiquity. Companies are attempting to remedy this fear with the construction of charging ports in residential, commercial, public, and urban environments, allowing sustainability for all.

See how the electric vehicle charging network has been expanding throughout March and April:

By the numbers: In March and April, 826 electric vehicle releases crossed the wire, hinting at skyrocketing consumer and corporate interest.

Catalytic Converter Theft

The platinum, palladium, and rhodium contained inside catalytic converters are high-value targets for thieves, and replacements can cost thousands of dollars. Experienced thieves are in and out in about a minute, but there are ways to deter them, and stronger laws may be implemented soon.

Over the last two months, several press releases crossed the wire that offered updates on the latest stats, legislation, and ways to protect yourself:

With such a growing demand for electric vehicles, this may not be quite as large a cause for concern over the long term.


The industry continues to work on reducing emissions, whether it’s by electrifying product offerings, improving EV battery durability, or facilitating more environmentally friendly logistical methods within the supply chain. The question is no longer “How will we get there?” Instead, today’s innovative minds ponder “How will we get there safely and efficiently?” These trends are not temporary fads, but rather stepping stones to a cleaner future.


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