23Traders: Following the Europe Situation - Daniel Diehl Publicly Reveals His Holding Portfolio

Nov 25, 2015, 09:22 ET from 23Traders

LONDON, November 25, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --

After the recent events in Europe there has been an increase in economic and socio-political turmoil. In the midst of this atmosphere, 23traders has made an announcement today. Daniel Diehl, head of 23traders Brokerage Division, decided to go public with his portfolio holdings.

Diehl is quoted as saying, "When there is a turbulent environment, traders can become uneasy about which assets are the strongest to invest in.  I wanted to show our traders my portfolio so they can see some of the assets with which I've had continuing success.  Right now, I highly recommend that traders stick with strong assets such as FTSE FUTURE, BMW, BP, and more.  23traders clients should contact their account manager for a look at my full portfolio."

                                  Current       Action
        Company       Ticker      Holdings      Buy/Sell   % of Change

      EUR/RUB         EURRUB     $ 257,200      Sell       38.17%
      EUR/USD         EURUSD     $ 194,100      Sell        4.74%
      DAX                        $ 116,450      Buy         1.15%
      FTSE 100 VW                $ 63,100       Buy         6.20%
      Barclays        BARC       $ 54,000       Sell        3.80%
      BMW             BMW        $ 48,300       Sell        5.32%
      SIEMENS AG      SIE        $ 31,000       Buy        -1.00%
      HSBC            HSBA       $ 25,000       Buy         4.33%

If you are currently not a trader with 23traders but wish to see Daniel Diehl's full portfolio, you can open an account at https://www.23traders.com

For more information on 23Traders and its trading platform, feel free to visit http://www.23Traders.com

Head of Public Relations
Thomas Brown

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