America Sides With Tori Spelling, Rolls Over

Cottonelle Brand Introduces Improved Product Designed to Roll with Nation's Preference

Mar 08, 2010, 04:15 ET from Kimberly-Clark

DALLAS, March 8 /PRNewswire/ -- After months of deliberation, the votes have been tallied and the results of Cottonelle brand's Roll Poll are in. When asked how they prefer to roll their toilet paper – over or under – 72 percent of Americans said they roll over. Among these: Tori Spelling.

The brand enlisted Tori, a firm believer in rolling over, and her husband Dean McDermott, a notorious "under," to get the country invested in the great toilet paper debate.  Because they've battled over toilet paper preferences in their own home for years to no avail, they vowed to put the decision to America and roll with the majority.

"I am thrilled that America has spoken and advised us to roll over," says Tori.  "I'm glad to know that others are as passionate about this as I am. Rest assured that my loving husband will have the honor of flipping all the under-facing rolls in the house this weekend!"

A perplexed Dean admits, "I've always rolled under. I can't believe only 28 percent of us see eye to eye on this. But if nothing else, this experience has helped me realize that no matter which way I'm inclined to roll, Tori's way is (almost) always the right way!"

To celebrate the end of the great debate and the fact that the country has rallied around a typically taboo subject, Cottonelle toilet paper is introducing an improved product fondly named Cottonelle brand Roll Over. No matter how you roll it, it was designed to roll with America's preference for softness and strength.

What Does Rolling Over Say About Americans?

The vote to roll over says more about Americans than just their toilet paper placement style. To gain insight into how America rolls and why, the brand commissioned a survey of 1,000 Americans ages 18-65+ and found that:

  • Those who prefer hanging their toilet paper over are more likely to have engaged in flipping the direction of the roll at a friend's home, with 27 percent of "overs" admitting to doing so.
  • In addition to being more apt to switch the way the roll hangs at friends' homes, those who prefer to roll over seem to be more particular about the whole subject. For instance:
    • "Overs" are most likely to notice the direction the toilet paper is hanging (74 percent).
    • "Overs" are more likely to be annoyed when the roll is the wrong way (24 percent).

Cottonelle brand consulted Dr. Gilda Carle, psychotherapist and internationally renowned relationship expert, for her observations on basic character traits associated with how people roll. According to Dr. Gilda, "People who roll over like taking charge, crave organization and are likely to overachieve.  It seems to me that Americans are passionate about rolling over due to the sense of control that it gives them."

Whichever way you roll, just about everyone agrees that the best toilet paper is soft, strong and there when you need it. To learn more about Cottonelle brand products and the great debate campaign, visit

About Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott

Tori Spelling is a versatile actress whose career spans theater, television and film. Spelling and husband Dean McDermott are currently filming the fifth season of their hit Oxygen reality series, "Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood," which they created and produce. In April 2009, Spelling published her second memoir Mommywood. The book is a follow-up to her New York Times bestselling memoir, sTori Telling, but focuses on her life as a mother. Her third book, uncharted terriTORI, will be released this spring.

McDermott is a veteran film and Gemini-nominated television actor who has had starring roles in such series as 1-800-Missing and Due South, as well as the Kevin Costner-directed motion picture Open Range.

Tori and Dean have two children together: Liam Aaron, 2, and Stella Doreen, 1.

About Dr. Gilda

A licensed educator, Dr. Gilda Carle holds a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership from New York University, with a concentration in psychology, sociology, and social psychology. Her doctoral research explored self-esteem, role expectations, and interpersonal communications. She pens the "Ask Dr. Gilda" column on, is associate professor of business, psychology, and communications at New York's Mercy College, and she has authored three best-selling books: Don't Bet on the Prince! How to Have the Man You Want by Betting On Yourself, He's Not All That! How to Attract the Good Guys, and Teen Talk with Dr. Gilda: A Girl's Guide to Dating.

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